Saturday, February 28, 2009

VOTD - 4 + Gothing the studio + Hike


I had a full packed but mellow Friday.

7:30 was Chinese food din din with my pal, Nicole on La Brea and Hollywood (Manderette). Then came back to my place and at 10, headed to Boardners with Kevin Venable and my neighbor, LeAnna to see Reid Speed spin some magic. We then headed to Joseph's restaurant which is transformed nightly to a dance establishment. We lost Kevin there and LeAnna on our walk home as she ducked out and into Tiny's (bar). Nicole and I went for desserts at Kitchen 24. I do not have time to upload pics and such but she had the deep skillet chocolate chip icecream plate and I had the hot apple pie. I was home before 1am.

Today, I am going to my studio in the valley (Granada Hills) to work with Mark Caro (Tech Itch). I was asked to compose music for a major film trailer and have until Monday morning... I generally will not take these offers, however when it is a MAJOR FILM, the pay is enough to easily live well for 1-2 yrs ;)

The music that is needed is heavy, grimey, industrial, goth instrumental and the example I was given was played is a brooding, dark one. So Mark and I will get our GOTH on for the day and night. We have until Monday to turn in this masterpiece!

We will don some capes, boots, while drinking absinthe, Jill (his girlie) will do our makeup, we may have some wine later, incense burning, candles, maybe even fangs...
Needless to say (or even needles to say), it will be a fun time ;)

OK... time for videos.

Here is a video I have had on my youtube playlist for quite sometime by Palais Schuamberg. Early new wave/ post punk.... note the similarites between this way back and bands like The Faint, etc. and I mean this in no ill way as Todd and Jacob are mates of mine ;)

Now... kinda metalizing, gothing out.... honoring today's post is a video from a few years back is Bittersweet. This is by Apocolyptica and features singers Ville Valo, from the finnish band HIM. and Lauri Johannes Ylönen (Lintu) from The Rasmus.

Now for my regular videos ;)

kaleidoscopic clip directed by Peking and Snejina Latev

to bring it back to life
Rogue Element - Escalation

Lastly, tomorrow is Sunday... HIKE day
Wanna go?


Friday, February 27, 2009

VOTD: Efterklang - Mirador & La Roux - In For The Kill

I am back on track with a solid week of slightly earlier bed times and early rising!

My first interview for my new article with Hollywood Today is underway. I can announce that it will be with RevoLucian of the Christian Bale - Bale Out fame. He is also working on projects including the upcoming RuPaul album.

Anyhow... I am off to fix my wheels as I have a meeting on the west side regarding music and then I hope to visit my mother and back to finish this remix for Covenant. Next week, Thursday, the 5th, is the final performance for Red Light District. The album will hit stores soon and I hope if you are in the area, you can see the show at The Knitting Factory.

Today's Video Of The Day comes by my ole pal, Ms Rebecca Cox, who recently found me! She has always had amazing taste and this video is a fine example!

Efterklang - Mirador

The next video is my finding...

It is a simple song, but there is a sparkle in the mix...
La Roux is touring March with Lily Allen.

La Roux – In For the Kill

La Roux - In For The Kill from pster on Vimeo.

Off to the autozone I go to procure a new sparkplug and such!

If you are up for a killer time next Friday and want to drink, dance, eat, hang with great people (not in any certain order), you WILL want to check First Fridays @ Medusa Lounge - Darren Revell and I will be joined by Danielle aka D++, mixing a blend of musical tunes you love and educating you to new sounds from all walks of the spectrum! Amoreena will be snapping photos so watch yourself!

Enjoy your final February Friday!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

VOTD: Crazy Goose - Courtney Love (not related)

I went to sleep slightly earlier... last night.

I had a musically productive evening. I am creating some remix/ edits of some tunes. Also, I have landed a few more remix jobs, which is good!

Speaking of which... next Thursday is the FINAL Red Light District show for some time and is held at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. The focus will shift to the promotion of the album and then Zeitmahl will once again take the driver's seat.

While on the subject of next week, my new monthly party begins next Friday, the 6th. This is FIRST FRIDAYS @ Medusa Lounge and Darren Revell (indie 103.1, Big Sonic Heaven) and I will be sharing all sorts of music during the evening for your listening, drinking, eating and dancing pleasure. yes, eating.. they have food there... the wings are awesome!!!! The music will cover many styles. The idea is based around not having to hear one thing all night as has become common place.

I personally have sorely missed being able to go out and hear a wide variety and not just songs I already love but also being exposed to new songs and again, not just one genre or the other... but an expansive assortment!!!

More on this to be followed... but we have some videos to view for now.
For more information on the party, please visit:

The following are two videos.. not one about Courtney Love being a crazy goose...
Angry Pesky Giddy Goose!

Courtney Love NOT actress

Before I split and get back on it... if you are in the greater Los Angeles area. There is a FREE event this evening... one I have mentioned over the past years as well. Hunnypot. This FREE party takes place at the Highlands at the Hollywood and Highland structure. It begins around 8pm and goes until 2am. It is based around the music industry, specifically managers, tv & film placement... but has expanded into a great dance party as well. Contact me for more information.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

VOTD: Depeche Mode & Dead Confederate

This will be quick.

I was unable to be around the past day or so to post the new Depeche Mode video and by the time I had a free moment last night, myspace had posted it! I will still post their video below.

I landed a new job yesterday. WRITING... My years of writing blogs have taken me in many directions and now, it will certainly be another. I had gotten a call from a friend saying a magazine needed someone to head a department. He then gave my info to the man in charge who then contacted me. My meeting for this company happened yesterday and now we are in motion. The first story is due in a week. More on this when the article is published :)

So... below are some videos... enjoy!

Depeche Mode - Wrong
Depeche Mode - "Wrong" (official music video)

In case myspace blocks the above, try THIS to view.

If you are looking for the song, I will post it within a following blog with a bunch of downloads for your listening pleasure.

Continuing with the Depeche Mode theme:

'Visitors' - frYars featuring Dave Gahan

Yet more on Dave Gahan...
You can listen him sing "Nostalgic" by Mirror on

The music on the album, which you can hear from their audio player, has a wide range of styles. Mostly mellow and cold with a slight churchy nearly christmas late night theme if that makes sense!?!?! Maybe a musical meets something from the 70s. Whomever wrote this album has either studied theory or listened to many classics based upon structure and chord changes. Maybe I will contact the band and see about sharing a tune with you on here.

Going over my huge list of videos to share just now.. I see I never posted Dead Confederate!!!!!! They are performing tonight at SPACELAND!!! If you live anywhere near, you may want to go. they are a great band. Below is my initial clip with text about them from January.

Dead Confederate: This is a band that has been growing on me
The play the 25th of February at Spaceland in lovely Silverlake, CA for CLUB NME night

Dead Confederate - Get Out (Live on KEXP) from KEXP RADIO on Vimeo.

Have a good evening!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LA WEEKLY review of the Red Light District performance @ Wonderland

You can read more and see the slideshow on the LA Weekly site.

If you missed our last two performances, we have one more until we take our performance hiatus. This will be on the 5th of March @ The Knitting Factory in Hollywood with Jill Tracy, Unextraordinary Gentleman and DJ Xian.

More information on Red Light District on


Sunday, February 22, 2009

VOTD: Depeche Mode - NEW SONG "Wrong" (performed on German Awards)

Along with U2, Depeche Mode performed last night on the ECHO AWARDS and presented their official world premeire of "WRONG", which is set to be released shortly!

The video here started with an interview then cuts to the performance.
This was the best version of the bunch I could located. Others were far out of sync. I hope you enjoy this.

I have not slept... I had the show last night, wound up in my own "WRONG" and then thankfully comedic banter supplied my salvation. I have to leave shortly for a run to the Farmers' Market on Ivar & Selma before departing on another day at the film shoot in Pasadena.

My thoughts of last night, may pop up here and could be surprising to some.
Last night was an eye opener... or widener.

Have a great day and check Depeche Mode's "WRONG".

Thank you for the support last night at the show... I was delighted to see so many faces again for Red Light District!


Friday, February 20, 2009

VOTD: Dandys, The The, RLD, First Fridays @ Medusa

Good morning!

As promised I have the new video from The Dandy Warhols, which I will follow with a chaser from one of my favorite bands, THE THE.

But first... I should mention... today will be a long day... I have to be on the set of a film... I am still sick :(

So much to do.. so little time.

I hope to see folks at the Red Light District performance tomorrow night. You can RSVP to get on the mailing list here

It will certainly be fun and The Devil's Playground find entertaining Burlesque.

As I mentioned previously, you will want to arrive EARLY as this event could sell out as it did before 10 or so last time. If you have to miss this performance, we are playing one more time, Thursday, the 5th of March at The Knitting Factory with Jill Tracy, UXG and DJ Xian.

The last piece of news is to announce that starting Friday, the 6th of March and First Fridays after, DJ Darren Revell (Big Sonic Heaven, the late indie 103.1 fm) and I will be bringing a new monthly party event to Medusa Lounge. The music you will hear ranges from all walks of exciting music from a wide spectrum of genres from shoegaze to electro, rock to trip hop, psychedelia to industrialized funky breaks! It will be a place to not only hear songs you love but a place to be exposed to a variety of new tunes and find your new favorites!!! Check the site today! (

Enjoy The Dandy Warhols

Here are some videos from The The from years ago!

The first one includes Johnny Marr (The Smiths on guitar)

This next one is from 1986!!!!
It features a certain woman, who sang a certain song about a certain stance by a Buffalo.... do you remember her name? I do! Do you?

The most recent song and video date back 8 years ago now and is PILLAR BOX RED

You may recall Dogs of Lust which was The The's big single in 93-4 and which subsequently led to the tour with Depeche Mode in 1994.
I can provide just a link as this video has been disabled for embedding.

Have a great day!!!
Send healing thoughts my way if you can!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling Sick, last wknd recap, this wknd advance

I am feeling the pains of the common or not so common but recurring cold.
I could blame Jill Tracy as she was very ill and perhaps it only took one hug. I had a wild wknd, that could be it.

I had barely been sleeping (as usual). I awoke very early Friday as we had to basically rebuild the Red Light District rehearsal set up at Monte Cristo for our Red Light District performance this past Friday. Abby and I left to get more equipment at our downtown space around 12:30 noon or so... It was hailing outside and we got over to the venue and found out that even though we already knew we were going to have to go to a third story with no elevator with tons of gear, that ALSO the regular entranceway was locked so we would have to brave the rains on a slippery staircase where water was flowing. It got crazier when there was this SPOUT that shot water out right in the line of where we needed to walk on the thin stairway... it was similar to crossing a waterfall! Once we made it to the top floor... none of us expected the half foot drop into water... everyone's feet were submerged and soaked far beyond ankles!. We spent a long time getting the venue up to speed for a live band. I believe we left there after 6pm or close to it!

The show went very well. People were quite polite and we were all quite delighted with the amazing turnout to the event!!! Legion, brought my mother and that was excellent! She even danced with me to a Portishead song earlier in the evening. Right after our performance and before I had left the stage, I heard someone yell, "Shok Attack". It turned out to be Vernon Lewis from Heroes/ Universal. He had no idea I was performing, but wanted to meet the drummer. He had found out about the event from a girl who was with him.

The Ball ended at 2:30 and I carried a slew of gear back to my apt via a few cars by 3:30am. Then I went with Jenz and Melissa T. to an afterparty at a friend's where I ate copious amounts of baklava and more food and was home and asleep by 7:30am.

9:30am is when my father called. It was afternoon in Philadelphia for him however too early in LA for a Saturday... especially having just gone to sleep after a long day of rain and moving equipment and performing... and absinthe! Since I do not have call waiting.. I told him I had to get off the phone for the cable internet people who would be calling at 10am. As soon as hung up with him.. RRRING, it was them calling from the front gate. Within moments of them coming in, I get a call from Universal, asking me if I can come in to work 8 hours.... so I did!

I was home by 8ish and got a call from my friend, Jenz. Since neither of us are in any romantic worlds, we decided to hang and went to The French Crepe Company at the Hollywood & Highland Mall.

I had the pleasure of demolishing the lovely BASTILE with Turkey!!!!
You should try this! I always enjoy it!

We then decided to go see Jill Tracy perform her cabaret act (Jill on piano with a violinist and drummer) at Boardners for Bar Sinister at Midnight. It was a good n long evening. I returned home after the club and worked on organizing some of my music for quite a few hours.

Sunday was the usual.... early morning rise (9/10am) to hit the local Farmers' Market on Selma & Ivar and meet with Heidi and our weekly hike with Pooch. This week it was RUNYON CANYON.

In the evening, I hit the Sushi spot, Fat Fish, where all plates are $2 after 9pm. Maxi joined me... then she went home and I went with Jenz to Malediction @ 10pm. Danced nearly the entire time (I have needed a good workout). Got a bite on the way home (2am) and that was Sunday.

Btw, here are two images of the fire dancers from Malediction.

Also there were the Wandering Marionettes in attendance. An amazing dance troupe!!! Check their site!

Monday, I decided to email my friend Johnette. I had been meaning to call her for so long to sing on this project I have with Mark Caro (Tech Itch) but somehow I never had.... so finally, I decided to email her. No more than 4 minutes later, she replied and instead of being in the desert, where she typically resides, she was up the street in Beachwood Canyon. After a few short emails and less than an hour later, we met for a quick lunch at Miceli's Restaurant @ 3:30pm.

We shared a big caesar salad, rolls, a few glasses of Castello Di Gabbiano and a side of spaghetti in olive oil. Somehow the day became evening and we had been there so long parties at tables had already been on the third rotation.

We then decided to leave and wander to our next location for MORE FOOD since now it was after dinner time. We wound up at The Velvet Margarita and split pomegranate margaritas, the complimentary chips, salsa, dip and she had the Ahi Tuna Ceviche while I destroyed the Salmon Quesadillas.

I was home by 10:30. It was a lovely 7 hour time where we covered a slew of ground for not having seen each other since last year when she helped me move some of my mother's belonging's into storage. Actually.... I saw her after that when she was the tour guide for the visit to Joshua Tree I took with my mother, Douglas McCarthy and his mother... and Miss Pooch-A-Rilla.

There is not much better than sharing conversation over great food!

This week is flying by and I am not feeling well.... I hope to be better by Saturday for our Red Light District performance @ Bordello for the Alice in Wonderland themed cabaret and burlesque event. Perhaps more friends will attend! There is more information on the invite here. I advise an early arrival as the last time we performed at Bordello, there was a line of 100 people, wrapped around the venue by 10:30 and many folks did not get to enter.

Stay tuned for videos by The Dandy Warhols, a message from Trent Reznor and some free music! Have a good evening and I hope you enjoyed LOST if you have a tv set!
Now to catch some ZZZZZZZZs


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Depeche Mode - Sounds of The Universe on the way!

If you know me at all.... you will know that Depeche Mode has been a band with much influence in my life since I was a very young fellow.

Apart from having every commercially released album, single, exclusive, I have rare gems including odd remixes Martin has created, Dave singing a rendition of "Song For Europe" by Roxy Music with John Taylor (Duran Duran) on bass, and odd demos, live shows... etc.

Their new full length album, Sounds Of The Universe is set for release on the 6th of April in Europe and 7th, here stateside. The first single is called "Wrong" and I am not sold on the music yet that I have heard, but this has been similar for the last few albums until I got further into it.

Here is a clip of Martin working out parts for this single.

The band will premiere this song on the 21st at The 2009 Echo Awards in Berlin so I am quite certain that a few hours later, we shall see this on youtube. The single is released worldwide on the 23rd.

Sounds Of The Universe
1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

I could put a link for one of the DM songs online and will probably downgrade the quality just a pinch... Check back later this week and perhaps you will find something delightful!

The next posting will be another video post most likely and feature the new effort from The Dandy Warhols. It seems they have become The The

Lastly, thank you to the surprisingly amazing turnout on Friday for Red Light District's debut album release & performance @ The Black Heart Masque / Ruin. If you have photos, or video, please send!!!!

The next performance is this Saturday at Bordello!!! After that is March 5th at The Knitting Factory with Jill Tracy, UXGentlemen and DJ Xian.

Click image to view full details


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video Of The Night: Joaquin Phoenix & The Vines = Drugs are bad mmmkay?


I only saw this a bit ago.
This is due to my schedule lately...
so much to do.. so little time....

Here is Joaquin Phoenix's interview on David Letterman... he looks like a combination of Sebastian Tellier and Tommie Sunshine but is acting like his dead older brother drug addict, River, who killed himself via drugs outside on the sidewalk in front of The Viper Room so many years ago.. oddly enough, if you read my post from today, I spoke about my visit to The Viper Room last night to see EVIL NINE.

Compare Joaquin to Sebastian & Tommie


I am not certain what drugs he is on here, but something similar to a sedative and concrete.

Btw, you might want to read this INTERVIEW with him on Newsweek.

And if that is not enough.... here is a performance from The Vines, also on Letterman, they must have shared the fish with Joaquin.... (btw that is an AIRPLANE reference)

Ok... I am going to get back to working on the album now.
I really am glad so many people are planning to attend tomorrow evening!!!!

Here is another reminder!!!
Click the image and go to the site and check the show for tomorrow!


VOTD: Sabres Of Paradise & Maurice Chevalier & EVIL NINE review

Today's videos come a bit later in the day as I type at 3:33pm

More soundcard snafus, more chaos, which I am certain will be ironed by tomorrow.
Sometimes everything goes smoothly..... (we can leave it at that)


Sorry for the long pause... well, short for you, long for me.
I had gotten a call and had to take care of other tasks.

So it is now, 4:40pm... heading to the studio in Granada Hills in a bit to grab drums and such for tomorrow's performance @ Ruin's Black Heart Mask Ball with Red Light District. A bit stressed as there most likely will not be an accordion player on stage with us and the possibilities of no vibraphone playes is growing. But the show will be fine otherwise... we have played without both.

Before we get to the videos.... last night, I went to see EVIL NINE @ The Viper Room. I highly dislike that venue, but I very much enjoy the music of EVIL NINE. I met up with Adam Freeland at the venue and ran into some other friends there and finally met Tom & Pat aka EVIL NINE. Their set was fantastic... This was a DJ set, not a live show. They are returning soon with the live show that combines ZOMBIES, Dark Hard Bass, Sinister Drums and electrofunk. Everything was excellent; people were dancing and having a good time... but about three quarters of the way of their set, this wacko woman turns toward some of us and throws her jacket and bag down on the ground like she is angry and then rolls straight into a dance as if Satan and a Stripper had taken over her soul. She started grinding on the floor and eventually all clothes were off apart from boots... she starting grabbing any fellow she could to dance with her.... SCARY!

Ok.... now the videos!

This first one comes from a very influential crew who existed nearly twenty years ago. They have since gone on to do some amazing productions... but let's focus on this early track from Sabres Of Paradise

This next video is a lovely number and I hope you enjoy!

Maurice Chevalier and Claudette Colbert sing a duet in this song from 1930.
You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me

Here is an invitation for tomorrow
This is for Red Light District's performance and album release party @ Ruin

See ya later, ciao!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VOTD: Fever Ray & Hell & Friday the 13th performance

Today's videos oddly enough, go well together.

The timing of this posting actually just fell into place.

I have been recently corresponding with my old pal and band mate, Matthew Sims aka Mount Sims who relocated to Berlin, Germany to unleash his work yonder! As, Mt Sims, he has actually released a great album that I have been recently playing more and more. In one of our latest emails, he wrote about a project in which he is involved with Olof Dreijer, one half of the band, The Knife.

The other half of The Knife, the sister, Karin Dreijer Andersson, is responsible for the video below.

Her solo project, which is rather interesting, is called, Fever Ray.

If I Had A Heart from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Now if the similarity of the video imagery for these two is not enough... what really got me after I was set to post this, is that Matt, mentioned above, was previously signed to Gigolo Records, which was owned by DJ HELL, who is responsible for the following video which was already slated for today.

Before we enter the music of The Twilight Zone, I..... (pause)
The crazy folks from the cable company came and interrupted my thoughts!!!

I was actually called in to work today at Universal, so I must depart.
at the bottom of this post is another reminder for Friday.

And now for the other video.

DJ Hell - Angst (a dark but soothing, mello groove) from his forthcoming release, "Teufelswerk"

Have a great day!

This Friday, Red Light District, my baby, is performing to celebrate our Debut Album release at The Black Heart Masque Ball at RUIN. Hopefully you can make this!!!

We are quite excited to say the least!

More information on


Monday, February 9, 2009

phew... album near completion

A few weeks ago, there was a scary situation where my main hard drive nearly became dust in the wind. This was oddly enough one day before I was set to order my new machine after over four years.

The issue was not as simple as someone who may have had photos and music files that needed to be rescued from a drive. I can actually go fishing and retrieve those types of files successfully in most cases. In this scenario, the way I have my drive configured, it is all about music applications, editing software, instruction sets and installations that all need to work together to properly complete the system. If the structure is off at any point. My unfinished songs, can not be completed as planned.

Thankfully, with the help of two friends and my own investigations, all was restored and on top of this, the information is now in a very sweet machine on which I have been using the last week or so.

The downside to this is that it pushed back the schedule for a few projects, including work with clients when finances are really needed along with the completion of "Smoke & Mirrors" the Red Light District album debut. The release date is still set for this weekend, on Valentine's. The live band will perform this Friday, the 13th at RUIN for the BLACK HEART MASQUE ball celebrating the release of this debut album.

I am working hard on completing the album and combining a two-three week work schedule into what is only a few more days to get this completed! Mostly what is needed is mixing, however, some re-recording is still afoot. Two weeks ago, I re-recorded all of the live drums, a full album of 20 songs' worth in just one day. I am pleased with the results, however now is time that I was taking short break and that time is nearly ended as Juliette should be here in just moments to listen to my progress of the day as I have completed our song, "SMOKE".

If you are interested to attend Friday for the release party, please check this invitation link and RSVP for extra surprises!

Have a good evening... I will resume posting some of my Videos links of the day tomorrow!

Btw, I do plan on shooting a video where we destroy my old machine in a similar fashion to the classic scene in Office Space with the fax machine.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Link Of The Day: bosscocked


Thursday, February 5, 2009

RLD - Record Release Party & Performance Friday 13th

I am proud to announce that
"Smoke & Mirrors" will be released on Valentine's and to celebrate this, Red Light District will perform a special love show @ Ruin on Friday the 13th.

Expect vibraphones, accordion, keys, electrical stringed twangers, lots of percussion and the beautiful voice of Ms. Juliette Angeli.

Handcuff King (Death Defying Acts) [promo mix] by Red Light District Lizard Girl (online promo mix) by Red Light District

<-- Click to enlarge flyer

Here is the flyer for Red Light District's release of "Smoke & Mirrors" for next week, Friday the 13th.

We will be performing a short set with some surprises along the way. Promos will be in hand and we hope you can pass along the message!

You may RSVP here and receive a special download.

If you are a videographer, film maker, puppeteer, artist, horn player or magician, drop a note to the RLD myspace.

Our next scheduled shows are the 25th of February @ Bordello and 5th of March @ Knitting Factory with Jill Tracy, UXGentlemen and DJ Xian

Lastly, if you are free this Saturday and want to dance to some 80s, I am spinning a short guest spot at That Damn 80s Club in Los Angeles at The Monte Cristo.


VOTD: Prodigy, Sinichi Osawa, Red Light District in LA

Somedays are better than others... which of course makes us appreciate the great days even more. So that we do not lapse any further on the videos, I am going to post two right now that I have been sitting on for some time and then post a flyer for the Red Light District release party @ Ruin in Los Angeles, next Friday.

The first video comes from Liam Howlett's The Prodigy, who have taken a seat in the time machine to combine their old sound that many of us loved with the later sound that others were into. It seems to be a decent blend. An acquaintance of mine, Jagz, worked on several of the tunes for the new album, which makes me more excited to hear the final versions as the 10 demos I have are works in progress.

The first song that was given out for free, the title track, "Invaders Must Die" was produced by DIOYY and came out at the tail of 2008. Omen was released recently as a single and below is the official video which you can also see on their website, The

Free mp3 Download: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Prodigy - Omen

Here is a slinky dark computer burnt bit good for a large screen, early or late night.

Shinichi Osawa - Push

<-- Click to view full size

Here is the flyer for Red Light District's release of "Smoke & Mirrors" for next week, Friday the 13th.

We will be performing a short set with some surprises along the way. Promos will be in hand and we hope you can pass along the message!

If you are a videographer, film maker, puppeteer, artist, horn player or magician, drop a note to the RLD myspace.

The next scheduled shows are 25th of February @ Bordello and 5th of March @ Knitting Factory with Jill Tracy, UXGentlemen and DJ Xian

Lastly, if you are free Saturday and want to dance to some 80s, I am spinning a short guest spot at That Damn 80s Club in Los Angeles at The Monte Cristo.

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