Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catherine Wheel - Fripp - (Chrome 1993)

Goodnight! Sushi Sunday evening!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

night time - dark slow beat - intense - female vocals (I have shared this before and will do it again) ♫


Ultrablack - Bear Trap (Excision Remix)

DubdustrialFunkStep for well being! ♫


VIDEO: Indian Matrix -- Endhiran (Robot)

I've had this video ready to be shared since the end of January... this is some wacky Indian Matrix action.


Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Deep Response!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Duran Duran - My Antarctica

Two Hearts beating... "My Antarctica" by Duran Duran. A good way to round off the evening.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

George Michael & Comic Relief 2011

You may recall the post earlier with George Michael's take on New Order's True Faith with excessive vocoder-autotuning. As I mentioned, it is part of Comic Relief 2011 and a practical joke. Here is bits with him @ 1:07 & 12:28 Also in the video are The Beatles and such.


George Michael - True Faith

In tribute to Simon LeBon looking like George last night, here is the new George Michael video to his latest single, "True Faith" in support of Comic Relief 2011. It took me a moment to realize this was a cover... Vocoder Fail. I wonder what New Order thinks.


Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!

See more fun videos like this via Red Light District


Monday, March 21, 2011

Sumerian Records Creator on Music Piracy

You would think that he would mix his voice and music a bit better... but he has the right point.... the length of this and the way it is delivered is a lil out of touch.... few will get through the entire 3:27 and very few will listen to what he says... there are better ways to get the same point across to people. I am glad people are spreading the word about the harms of Piracy!


Grand Saxaphone-ing via Colin Stetson

Now *this* is some interesting Saxaphone-ing. Circular breathing at its finest. Kenny G. still holds the record with over 45 minutes, but I like this music better.

Colin Stetson | Awake on Foreign Shores & Judges | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.



Ok... it sounds like YELLO/Art Of Noise. I believe the singer can look both East & West simultaneously.


School Night with Elijah Wood & Starsailor!

Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings, Sin City), Starsailor, etc. tonight. If it doesn't storm again tonight, I will be there. There is no cover if you RSVP.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

WTFotd: Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Please reply with your synopsis of this short video. What is happening here? I am interested to hear what you say.


Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pointer Sisters "Neutron Dance"

If we are indeed radiated, I will go out singing and dancing to The Pointer Sisters "Neutron Dance". ♫


New Album: IAMX - Volatile Times

This morning, an email from IAMX's management broke the word that the new musical culinary from Chris Corner (ex-Sneaker Pimp) was ready to be consumed.

The next step was to go to the IAMX boutique and buy the album straight away!

I was fortunate enough to have heard some of these songs in earlier versions.

While the first song, "I salute you Christopher" could have easily been a b-side, the next song, "Music People" is a strong song which really belongs as the first song on the album. It brings us back to the the vibe of his sophomore release, "The Alternative" with the darker night style marching oozings.

The third song is the title track, "Volatile Times" and sounds similar to "Tear Garden" from the last song, but it this is not to say it is not good. It is fantastic!

"Fire And Whispers" brings back a familiar sound to earlier IAMX, while "Dance With Me" is the most organic song so far for IAMX. It sounds like a song someone may have song from a gondola in Venice two centuries ago at an early time of war and romance. I would like to see a video for this!

"Bernadette" is fantastic... the early version I heard was not nearly as awesome! This song reminds me of the music of Red Light District and music of the 1920s-30s Parisian world. Get your Moulin Rouge happening!
(PLEASE NOTE: This is quite different than MULAN from Disney) If you like theremin, accordion, ukulele, etc. you may love!

Next up is "Ghosts Of Utopia" which was released last month and is fun! See the video below.

"Commanded By Voices" is a shifty moving slow groove with bells and layers of voice and guitars. This one might become one I come back to often, even though, at first it is odd. There is something very unusual, yet magical here... slightly electro Americana too!

"Into Asylum" sounds like it happened that way... a bit rockin' and a bit low. While it is twisted, it would make for a good tune during performances.

"Cold Red Light" is classic IAMX. The arpeggiated gritty synths, the four on the floor beat, the multiple vocal layers, the building of energy... the 70s funk underneath hiding to keep the soul alive. Trent Reznor used this recipe on a few good tunes too!
We can make comparisons to other IAMX songs that fit here, but hear it for yourself when you buy it like I did :)

"Oh Beautiful Town" is the official closing slow jam on this opus... you can see the eagle flying from the cliff tops on the bright sunny day.... piano, strings, marching drums, etc.

If you do what I did and buy the album, you can have the bonus song, "Avalanches", which is an orchestral organic tune with strings, piano and a soothing Chris Corner crooning.

I hope you enjoyed reading this... I wrote it as I heard the album... no proof reading.. no spell check... off the cuff and there you go! Please support music and other arts! It is so easy to just download and go.... it is also easy to click pay and download and go too :)

This is an excellent album and I look forward to listening to it over and over. Ciao!
Thank you, Christopher! We salute you!

Purchase today: IAMX boutique


Tattoo Your Eyes


Disney Punch Mash-Up Trailer

Since this silly movie was just released on to the public, here is the trailer with classic Disney footage put on top of the original audio.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time Lapse Japan Quake Map for 553 Quakes




Kissing Benefits!! Making Out Workout, Good for Boys & Girls

Today is DRINK day.... but it is over 1 years since I had alcohol, 3 years since soda, 4 years since a girlfriend (only 1 date in that time), 20+ years since read meat or pork...

Anyhow... here are some kissing facts!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uppermost - Heart Rate

Bust a big move! Shake it! mhhm! CineStep, cinematic, GrindStep, GlitchFunk! Aerobics for Transformers! ♫



National Geographic's recent study to discover the most typical human being results proved to be a Han Chinese male, 28 years of age.

The typical human is also right-handed and earns less than $12,000 a year, has no bank account... BUT, has a mobile phone!!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VOTD: George Michael Sexy Sax Prank

VOTD: I saw this yesterday and figured today would be a great day to share this AWESOME gem!!!! Those who live in LA or fans of George Michael / Wham should LOVE THIS! :)


Brandt Brauer Frick - Caffeine

Written and directed by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna
Music by Brandt Brauer Frick
"Caffeine" taken from the album "You Make Me Real"

Art concept and Illustrations: Danae Diaz
Hand drawn animation: Danae Diaz, Benjamin Karré
Computer animation, compositing and editing: Patricia Luna
3D design assistant: Maria Diaz
Sound design intro and outro: Lenard Gimpel

Initiative Musik
2010-2011 Berlin-Barcelona


Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Ways you can help animals in Japan

Amplify’d from

5 Ways You Can Help Animals In Japan

I know everyone is focusing on helping humans right now, but for those interested, here are 5 ways you can help missing/injured/homeless animals.

2. The Animal Refuge Kansai has also set up a fund for their shelters. They're currently preparing for an influx of animals from disaster areas.

3. The Animal Miracle Foundation & Network is collecting cell phones to send to volunteers.

4. The Search Dog Foundation is deploying six canine disaster search teams to assist with the rescues. You can find out how you can help on their website.

5. Join the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support Facebook group for up-to-date information on how to help.

See more at


Depeche Mode - It Doesn't Matter Two - acoustic cover

Jamie Myerson's rendition of a Martin Gore / Depeche Mode favorite! "It Doesn't Matter"


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake, Tsunami, now VOLCANO?

What is next... ALIEN ATTACK?

Amplify’d from

Volcano in southern Japan erupts

The Shinmoedake volcano on Japan's Kyushu island, after lying dormant for a couple of weeks, resumes activity in a blast heard miles away. It was unclear if the eruption was linked to Friday's massive earthquake in the north.

a volcano in southern Japan began spewing ash


Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a warning that the Shinmoedake volcano, shown in Feb. 2011, resumed activity after lying dormant for a couple of weeks. It was unclear if the eruption was linked to the country's massive earthquake.

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske
The Japanese weather agency has reported that a volcano in southern Japan began spewing ash and rock even as the country struggled to recover Sunday from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a warning Sunday that the Shinmoedake volcano resumed activity after lying dormant for a couple of weeks.

The volcano is on Kyushu island, about 950 miles from the epicenter of Friday's magnitude 9.0 earthquake, which devastated much of the country's northeastern coast.

Photos: Scenes of destruction in aftermath of the Japan earthquake

It was unclear if the eruptions were linked to quake, officials said. Japan lies on the "ring of fire," a seismically active zone where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common.

The volcano last erupted Jan. 19 after remaining dormant for two years. Volcanologists had warned that a "lava dome" was growing inside the volcano's crater, although it was uncertain when or if the volcano would erupt.

Sunday's eruption, which was the biggest volcanic activity in Shinmoedake in 52 years, caused widespread destruction and panic. The blast could be heard for miles, and shattered windows four miles away, the BBC reported. Hundreds of people fled the area as the volcano spewed debris, including hot ash and rocks, more than 6,000 feet in the air, according to BBC reports.

Videos of the earthquake


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here is an old tune from the late 90s. I am on all instruments; bass, guitars, piano, vocals and of course, drums and drum programming... This was the demo from a few hours of work. A new live band for Zeitmahl is in the works so I can perform again!!! (free download) ZEITMAHL - RIGHT INSIDE (1998) by fdaallday


Friday, March 11, 2011

Google's Crisis Response page

This is a great resource if you are looking to locate someone and learn updates regarding transportation, blackouts, etc.

Amplify’d from

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

A massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at
around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. On
this page we are providing the information regarding the disaster and damage with
realtime updates.

The large earthquake triggered a tsunami warning for countries all around the Pacific

Local Japan Emergency dials:

171 + 1 + line phone number to leave a message

171 + 2 + line phone number to listen to the message



Thursday, March 10, 2011

VIDEO: What's in Spock's scanner - Part 1

Need a decent laugh? This Star Trek spoof might bring a chuckle or more.


Red Light District - Smoke

‎"Recorded the 2nd of February, 2008, this is one of the few songs (on 'Smoke & Mirrors') where you hear Shok sing. The instruments are NOT samples, we perform the sounds you hear, just ask Shok's neighbors about these trumpets!
This one goes out to the Leos!"

Red Light District - Smoke by fdaallday


Juno Reactor - Inca Steppa

Just off Skype w/ Ben (Juno Reactor). We have chosen a remix for the album, effectively altering "fate" ♫


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They Might Be Giants - Meet The Elements

They Might Be Giants and they might be educators with "Meet The Elements" Enjoy & Learn! ♫


The Aristocats - Everybody wants to be a Cat


Yoga with Hayward and cat

Now :::THIS::: is yoga!


Dead Hollywood Stars - Last Train To Alderbaran

A lovely tune to end a lovely evening. Sweet Dreams. ♫


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

VOTD: DOGSTEP! (Dubstep Dancing Dogs)

it is all about 40 seconds into it too!


Daniel Craig in drag for International Women's Day


Extremely Realistic Humanoid Robot expressions - Geminoid DK Mechanical Test

Extremely Realistic Humanoid Robot expressions from hair to skin, facial gestures... eye movements... this is getting to be more and more like a 2011 I would have imagined!

For more information go here:


Juno Reactor - Zwara

Today, I have been listening to the entries for the Juno Reactor remix competition, to select four of these as my votes, helping to decide which one will be included in the forthcoming remix album. Only 70 more to go! :)


Camouflage - That Smiling Face

This whisks me to my later teens, loud music in my car, alterna-synth excitement, fresh music, unknown paths of life before me :) ♫


Monday, March 7, 2011

Tom Waits - Watch Her Disappear

"Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming of you..." ♫


Fischerspooner - We Are Electric (Shok's Zeitmahl Mix) VIDEO remix by Kristoffe

Here is the Fischerspooner (Zeitmahl remix) with a video remix by Kristoffe. Hot off the press! Free mp3 here: ♫


Walking Dead Release Party

Tuesday, March 8 · 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Vertical Wine Bistro
Created By
Vertical Wine Bistro
More Info
* * * Clicking "I'm Attending" on this event DOES NOT add your name to the list. You MUST call 626.795.3999 OR 323.850.3047 to RSVP! * * *


To celebrate the DVD release of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ Vertical Wine Bistro is hosting a night of zombie fun. For $35, guests are invited to enjoy two complimentary signature 'Walking Dead' inspired cocktails and tastes of Chef Laurent Quenioux's menu of fleshy bites, plus a chance to win one of 50 Walking Dead Season 1 DVDs on the day of its release. Additional cocktails and inventive wine and beer flights will also be available for purchase.

WHO: Vertical Wine Bistro, Pasadena's favorite wine bar; owner Gale Anne Hurd, award-winning Executive Producer of AMC’s hit series ‘The Walking Dead;’ and surprise guests from the cast and crew.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 8th from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm

WHERE: Vertical Wine Bistro
Upstairs at 70 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

RSVP: 626.795.3999 OR 323.850.3047

HIGHLIGHTS: Guests will be entered for a chance to win one of 50 first release DVDs and 2 ‘Walking Dead Survival Kits’ plus the week leading up to the event @verticalbistro on Twitter will be giving away a dinner for two at Vertical.


Steak Tartar
Squid Inked Shrimp
Grilled Chicken Skewers
Grilled Blood Sausages with Crimson Apples
Blood Orange Tapioca Pudding


Guts Martini
Maker's Mark, sweet vermouth, cherry, Angostura bitters

Shane's Betrayal
Effen Vodka, freshly squeezed blood orange and lime juice, fresh simple syrup, club soda

Merle's Revenge
Maker's Mark, muddled sugar cube, fresh orange slices, Marasca cherries, dash of Angostura bitters


2007 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County
2007 Faust, Cabernet Sauvignon: Napa
2007 Daou: Lodi, USA, Zinfandel


“Hitachino Rice Ale”: Ibaraki, Japan: Rice Beer
“Barbar”: Quenast, Belgium: Honey Ale
“Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen”: Bamberg, Germany: Smokebeer

Vertical Wine Bistro takes the quintessential notion of a wine bar to new heights. Located in Old Pasadena, Vertical presents a welcome respite with its inviting atmosphere, dazzling wine list and delectable small plates menu. Chef Laurent Quenioux mans the stoves at Vertical Wine Bistro, while General Manager and Wine Director Manuel Mesta manages the list of over 650 wines, including 70 by the glass. Vertical Wine Bistro is located upstairs at 70 North Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, CA 91103. Vertical Wine Bistro is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m.; Friday – Saturday from 5:00 p.m. until 1:45 a.m.; and Sunday from 5:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. Vertical Wine Bistro is closed on Mondays. Happy Hour at Vertical is available daily. See for more information. Reservations can be made by calling 626.795.3999 or by visiting

* * *


Daniela Galarza

Rachel Ayotte


VIDEO: FAKING IT - Film by Mercedes Helnwein. Music by Ali Helnwein

I have shared this before. This is what you get when you plant several folks in a library in Ireland with lovely "library" music. Two minutes. Short by Mercedes Helnwein. Music by Ali Helnwein


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fischerspooner - We Are Electric (Shok's Zeitmahl mix)

Here is that remix I did again. This time with a direct download link Enjoy! ♫


Amazon Ship vs. Costco Shop

This is quite interesting! I will certainly look into this. While I enjoy Costco, the idea of items coming to me, brands I prefer, etc and my time are important.

Amplify’d from
Adding It Up: Amazon Ship vs. Costco Shop

Amazon takes on Costco by offering to ship household items in bulk.


Published: March 4, 2011 introduced a service called Subscribe & Save. The premise is simple: If you agree to get a recurring shipment of an item, Amazon will cut 15 percent off its normal price and send it to you every one, two, three or six months without charging the standard shipping rate.


The newly overhauled Facebook comment system

FB is now making it possible for other sites to comment on your FB via syndication, if you choose to allow it, similar to Disqus. Initially, it looked like google and twitter were both on board... now, it is questionable. Yahoo id's will be linked for now.

If you are unfamiliar with this, basically, let's say you post about a movie on your FB, which also is the same post information as on your blog, someone could now comment at the blog and this will syndicate to the FB and vice versa.

More information and to use now, go to Tech Cruch.


Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)

This is an odd video. Maybe 4ad, The Knife, Native Americans, Dream.
Check the mp3 here:

Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) from Know Phase on Vimeo.


Friday, March 4, 2011


Mhhm! Lionel - All Night Long -

mhhm! Lionel! ♫


Your next phone? Elfoid - Android


Amplify’d from

Elfoid, A Pocket-Size Android That Talks and Wiggles, Might Be Your Next Cellphone

elfoid telenoid ishiguro android cellphone
Elfoid, a hybrid of cellphone and robot, transmits voice and motion to convey a person's "presence."

A pocket-size android shaped like an embryo might be your next cellphone.

Meet Elfoid, a miniature anthropomorphic robot unveiled today in Japan that works like a cellphone but is designed to transmit not only voice but also "human presence."

That's right. Next time you call your friends, you might be uploading yourself into this fetus body right into their pockets -- and their hands. Can you feel me now?

elfoid cellphone android

The idea is you use a motion-capture system to transmit your face and head movements to the Elfoid, which would reproduce them, plus your voice, on its own little body, thereby conveying your presence.

The contraption is a creation of Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, famous for creating android clones of himself and of a twentysomething Japanese model, among others. [See Ishiguro, in a black jacket, playing with an Elfoid, photos at the bottom.]

telenoidLast August, Ishiguro and his colleagues at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, known as ATR, where he's a visiting group leader, unveiled the Telenoid [photo right], an infant-size telepresence android that resembles, depending on whom you ask, Casper the Friendly Ghost, an overgrown sperm, or a developing fetus. Talk about embryonic technology.


Now the Japanese researchers have shrunk the Telenoid into a little robot elf you can carry in your pocket. The Elfoid P1, introduced today at a press conference in Tokyo, combines the robotic technology of the Telenoid with cellphone capability, allowing people to interact in a way that they can "feel each other's presence," according to Ishiguro. It seems the Elfoid can't move its face and limbs as the Telenoid does, but the researchers say they're planning to use microactuators to improve the device's movements.

Ishiguro says cellphones are constantly improving, and smartphones showed they can have superb interface designs, but one thing has remained the same: Voice still plays a big role in how we communicate, and voice has limitations.

Ishiguro says the human body -- capable of displaying and recognizing subtle cues and gestures -- is the most effective and natural interface for communication, so trying to use androids to capture these advantages makes sense. With the Elfoid, the researchers want to create "an innovative communication medium" capable of conveying human presence to remote locations using voice, appearance, motion, and touch (the Elfoid has a "soft, pleasant-to-the-touch exterior," they say).

And why the strange fetus-like looks? They explain that they sought a minimum design that could be recognized as male or female, old or young, and that users would use their imagination to make the robot more personal.

Any early adopters? Are you ready to "Elfoid" your friends?

elfoid cellphone android robot
elfoid cellphone android

Images: Osaka University and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep

I do not even have a tv and I am tired of seeing his face... BUT.... this is ok! :)


The Puppini Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (of Company B)

Well, Red Light District has a few more horns to mix, re-record some vocals and final mix on a few tunes and "Smoke & Mirrors" will be complete! For now, enjoy The Puppini Sisters rendition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"!



I read an article a week ago about some new studies and marketing methods... what are your thoughts?

Rise of Neurocinema: How Hollywood Studios Harness Your Brainwaves to Win Oscars
by Kevin Randall

Basically the article discusses MIND CONTROL on viewers / audiences of film.
There are not only methods to measure brain activity watching films, such as horror or comedy, but also using this data to then use this data to "suggest" the viewer how to feel.

BIG BROTHER! How about Politicians transmitting messages to win elections and votes for changes in the world... etc. Thoughts?

Related article here


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Craig Armstrong feat Elizabeth Fraser - This Love

Elizabeth Fraser has a lovely voice. Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack, solo work and this song with Craig Armstrong. :) ♫


TRON Legacy R3m1x Album

A few weeks ago, I saw Meat Beat Manifesto perform and after the show, my pal, Cimcie and I were back stage speaking with folks and Zach aka Z-trip mentioned this remix album. Here is the official track listing. I do not see a Z-trip mix listed, however, I am nearly certain there will be single releases with even more versions of each song originally penned by Daft Punk.

I am looking forward to hearing The Glitch Mob's take on Derezzed as I strongly feel they would have been a stronger choice for a band to score the movie soundtrack.

Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D:

01 The Glitch Mob: "Derezzed"
02 M83 vs. Big Black Delta: "Fall"
03 The Crystal Method: "The Grid/Game Has Changed"
04 Teddybears: "Adagio for Tron"
05 Ki:Theory: "The Son of Flynn"
06 Paul Oakenfold: "C.L.U."
07 Moby: "The Son of Flynn"
08 Boys Noize: "End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)"
09 Kaskade: "Rinzler"
10 Com Truise: "Enron Part II"
11 Photek: "End of Line"
12 The Japanese Popstars: "Arena"
13 Avicii: "Derezzed"
14 Pretty Lights: "Solar Sailor"
15 Sander Kleinenberg: "Tron Legacy (End Titles)"
Tron: Legacy Reconfigured


Wallpaper - #STUPiDFACEDD

So... is this the youth of today? Reactions? Thoughts? Concerns? Stories?



Interesting chart sent to me via my pal, Jillian Specter, another link/ video finder :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pale Sketcher - Seventh Heaven

I've heard mentions of Post Dubstep. This may be it. Sounds like 4AD, Ethereal drones do downtempo OG industrial! Great for a soundtrack! ♫


Granny Raving

The raving granny rules!


WTFOfTheDay: PINK & Horse & Girl

My pal Liza Marie Torres shared this the other day and I laughed so hard I cried and had to stand up and walk around for a while. It was a good several minutes! She said "Not sure who I feel worse for.. The girl or the horse..."


Whip It (With kid & Serenading Unicorn)

Devo meets a child & unicorn!
I hope the word "WHIP" gets musically re-associated with Devo and no longer Will Smith's offspring. More videos on

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