Friday, March 18, 2011

New Album: IAMX - Volatile Times

This morning, an email from IAMX's management broke the word that the new musical culinary from Chris Corner (ex-Sneaker Pimp) was ready to be consumed.

The next step was to go to the IAMX boutique and buy the album straight away!

I was fortunate enough to have heard some of these songs in earlier versions.

While the first song, "I salute you Christopher" could have easily been a b-side, the next song, "Music People" is a strong song which really belongs as the first song on the album. It brings us back to the the vibe of his sophomore release, "The Alternative" with the darker night style marching oozings.

The third song is the title track, "Volatile Times" and sounds similar to "Tear Garden" from the last song, but it this is not to say it is not good. It is fantastic!

"Fire And Whispers" brings back a familiar sound to earlier IAMX, while "Dance With Me" is the most organic song so far for IAMX. It sounds like a song someone may have song from a gondola in Venice two centuries ago at an early time of war and romance. I would like to see a video for this!

"Bernadette" is fantastic... the early version I heard was not nearly as awesome! This song reminds me of the music of Red Light District and music of the 1920s-30s Parisian world. Get your Moulin Rouge happening!
(PLEASE NOTE: This is quite different than MULAN from Disney) If you like theremin, accordion, ukulele, etc. you may love!

Next up is "Ghosts Of Utopia" which was released last month and is fun! See the video below.

"Commanded By Voices" is a shifty moving slow groove with bells and layers of voice and guitars. This one might become one I come back to often, even though, at first it is odd. There is something very unusual, yet magical here... slightly electro Americana too!

"Into Asylum" sounds like it happened that way... a bit rockin' and a bit low. While it is twisted, it would make for a good tune during performances.

"Cold Red Light" is classic IAMX. The arpeggiated gritty synths, the four on the floor beat, the multiple vocal layers, the building of energy... the 70s funk underneath hiding to keep the soul alive. Trent Reznor used this recipe on a few good tunes too!
We can make comparisons to other IAMX songs that fit here, but hear it for yourself when you buy it like I did :)

"Oh Beautiful Town" is the official closing slow jam on this opus... you can see the eagle flying from the cliff tops on the bright sunny day.... piano, strings, marching drums, etc.

If you do what I did and buy the album, you can have the bonus song, "Avalanches", which is an orchestral organic tune with strings, piano and a soothing Chris Corner crooning.

I hope you enjoyed reading this... I wrote it as I heard the album... no proof reading.. no spell check... off the cuff and there you go! Please support music and other arts! It is so easy to just download and go.... it is also easy to click pay and download and go too :)

This is an excellent album and I look forward to listening to it over and over. Ciao!
Thank you, Christopher! We salute you!

Purchase today: IAMX boutique

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