Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coachella line up and first thoughts

Click flyer to enlarge
Well... the preliminary list has arrived as of yesterday and I am not overly keen on what I see. Having McCartney on board as the first night headliner is an odd choice, however if you have been keeping up with his recent work, you will know his Fireman project is a collaboration with Youth from Killing Joke and this is certainly a more forward thinking outlet than previous efforts.

download THE FIREMAN - Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight

Leonard Cohen will be interesting as what looks like a main attraction. I am interested to see this reaction. While I was a fan of The Smith and Morrissey... I suppose it is good he will return to Coachella since he was of the original performers.

Silversun pickups are fine but we already have My Bloody Valentine, the real band, on the bill.

Ghostland Observatory are decent and A Place To Bury Strangers is a surprise. White Lies are doing very well and I am not surprised to see them on the bill.
I am very happy for both The Presets and Crystal Castles

Odd Picks: Why the crystal method?

Day Two
I am not a fan of The Killers and why Amy winehouse?
Very surprised to see Thievery Corporation on the big stage ... .I had them come to a Fluid back in PA and they were both very kind but their DJ skills reminded me of a pair of sneakers in a dryer or a broken train about to derail. They do, however write some decent tunes :)

I am also happy to see TV on The Radio and Mstrkrft on the bill. Surkin and Para One will be good as well Calexico... and hurray for The Bloody Beetroots... I am only into a few of their mixes, but good for them. I am glad to have seen Amanda Palmer continue with her music successfully in such an underground way. I remember being on the phone with David J. years ago and he was staying with Amanda in Boston and telling me about her band, The Dresdon Dolls, and that I would like them.

Mastodon will wreck some people... and the Travis Barker team up with DJ AM is odd... Adam (AM) was in my class and I still have crazy VHS taped videos of us when we were young.. I have a video of him dressed up as a Ninja and I overdubbed this with audio from the scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where Chevy Chase is working his best magic to pickup Christie Brinkley.

Odd picks: Booker T, Michael Franti and Henry Rollins.... let's also not forget Bob Mould!

OK so
Day Three

Cmon..... The Cure? Again? I was such a huge fan of this band.. they are tired and DONE. If they give a good show, I will be pleasantly surprised.... the last several times I have seen them... all by chance... they have been subpar at best. I recently had the odd experience where I was in a room with no more than two handfuls of people and watched a private taping of The Cure and I turned to my friend, who is their publisher and said "Can we leave now?"..... They played Coachella just a few years ago... let it rest!!!

I am certainly happy to see My Bloody Valentine again. Only several months ago, did I see the show in Santa Monica... the sound was horrendous, but it was a good experience... maybe the younger crowd will be educated to this a bit... I am wondering.. where will everyone go for an escape from the loud last song they play? When you entered the concert, you got free ear plugs and during the last song, I left the building, walked around the outside, and it was still ridiculous! Paul Weller is an odd choice, but it is another good flashback selection.

I will be happy to see Public Enemy, Roni Size (who has been doing what?), Perry Farrell, Sebastian Tellier (hurray!!!), The Horrors, Late Of The Pier, and of course, Friendly Fires.

Lykke Li will be a tough act to see from up close.... the buzz is nuts on her... it took a long time. Another tough act to see from up close will most likely bee Brian Jonestown Massacre... then again it has been some time.

Odd PicksWhy on earth is Throbbing Gristle on the bill? I am all for seeing this... but what an odd choice.... Also... X had some decent tunes.. but after seeing them a few times and the last time at Sunset Junction... I was nearly thinking I would rather see The Cure again ;)

Shepard Fairey also falls under the why? category. He is the artist known for the ANDRE THE GIANT art all over the USA during the late 90s and turn of this century. He has become a DJ.

I am sure the official line up will change a bit... I would check this for errors... however I have to run to Universal Studios to update a sticker on my ID... it is like FORT KNOXXXXXX up in there... mhhm.

Also.... if you are in Los Angeles... you may want to consider hitting The Edwardian Ball this evening... Check the link and check yourself!


Friday, January 30, 2009

VOTD: Videos Galore of the Month (part 1)

Some of you may know that my computer's main drive had gone down. It was not a simple task of having data files being backed up to restore. In fact, data such as pictures, mp3s and the like are on external drives. The issue is that I have work... and work for clients that is not completed which has instruction sets and material that is not rendered as it is not in its final state which makes things more difficult.

Similar to a recipe and having the right tools and ingredients in the right place in order to make everything work correctly. If one piece of the system is off, you could wind up with a Turkey Sandwich when you intended on a Pumpkin Pie!

Well, the machine has been successfully revived and life for me carries on now.

Since I have missed quite some time posting videos, I will post quite a few over the next days.

Also, as a reminder, BOOTY!, the art and performance opening party @ INFUSION GALLERY is this evening, 9-1am. I will be sharing some tunes and have been planted as the master of ceremonies for the event. This is NOT my party... so if you have any questions or comments, concerns, etc. Contact Bluegirl Productions. (Click flyer for details & large flyer)

See you there this evening and now onto some videos :)


The first one is a bit downtempo and slightly dark, but have no fear as the next two are so uplifiting you will feel like you have just had a drop of retsin, or some minty refreshing blast.

Bomb The Bass - Black River
If you do not recall "Beat Dis", you may know his work from producing ULTRA for Depeche Mode

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy' directed by Clemens Habicht
This video included white tape, thousands of beanbag balls and the trio.

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy' by Clemens Habicht from Nexus Productions on Vimeo.

Animal Collective - My Girls
This band is all over the place and you can catch them at Coachella this year. The video is similar to Friendly Fires, but I like the previous video and song much more.

This post shall be continued with videos from frYars, featuring Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Night Waves, Dead Confederate, The Japanese Popstars and even footage of a modular robot who rebuilds itself when knocked or kicked over.

Have a fantasticalioso + fun Friday!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friday: Art, Music, Performance, BOOTY, INFUSION (LA)

The week is already nuts!

Falling Beds
Machine Revival (yes, my data)
10 hours of drum recording
a good practice for Red Light District.
Sad News discovered
Wild Furry Cute Animalz

Friday, I will be sharing some tunes and will be the Master of Ceremony at INFUSION, art gallery for the PIRATE themed opening party called "Booty". (massive flyer below)

Saturday is also the Edwardian Ball. You may want to check this!

Btw, I may eventually post a video with a sword and pick axe from last wknd.
Last wknd started innocently, and then someone got into tools and weapons... not me. I did catch it all on video, however!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Please listen: Handcuff King - Death Defying Acts

You can now listen to "Handcuff King (Death Defying Acts)" from the forthcoming Red Light District debut, "Smoke & Mirrors"

Combine, ragtime, pop, 20s, 30s, cabaret, circus tunes and time machines.

Listen now

Catch the seven-piece live band on Saturday, the 21st of February @ Wonderland in Los Angeles


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today: Obama & Alex - Tonight: Free Dance

Today is the inauguration for Obama.
He just finished his entry.

Our pal, Alexander M. Burke, pictured here with me from Friday night, is one of the performers at the inauguration!!!

Go Alex!!!

He is an amazingly talented musician and composer and is very important to the 7-piece live band of Red Light District. He plays vibraphone, piano, accordion and drums. He is keying it today with a fellow with whom he wrote a song. I believe the name of this person is Jose....

I hope for a better USA, however, time shall be the best answer.
As Ghandi said, "Be the Change you wish to see in the world".

What I know, is that this man is taking high risks.... at least it is a change in the nation.

866,000 people rode the metro over there, with two million people present for the inauguration.

As far as tonight is concerned, I am DJing this evening for the
Alliance Tour

Seabound, De/Vision, Babyland & RevJohn will be featured.

At midnight, the second half of the event begins, upstairs ON THE ROX...
I will be spinning a good range of good dancin' tunes.
They have now made this FREE as well.... so anyone who wants to attend.... FREE FREE FREE :)

More Details
- On The Rox @ myspace

Again, I am spinning at INFUSION on the 30th as well.

Lastly, if you or someone you know is amazing at data recovery... please contact me NOW or very soon. Thank you!!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Tues Night DJ Gig @ The Roxy - Alliance Tour

1. returned home frm NAMM over the wknd
2. very fun, impromptu rooftop party
3. computer = broken finally
4. new temporary machine - acer mini aspire one
5. DJ gig Tuesday the 20th @ The Roxy

Let's skip 1 through 4 for now...

Alliance Tour Part II: Seabound - De/Vision - Babyland - Shok - RevJohn

I was initially asked to spin between bands at The Roxy.
I am happy to report that I will now be djing a full set after the bands from midnight until 2am @ On The Rox, above The Roxy!

Your $16 show admission of course includes the party continuation at On The Rox, however, I believe, you can get in to On The Rox for free.
I would call or email to be certain.

Expect a variety of music from rock to elecro to cabaret to "drum n bass n guitar", etc.
Surprises and prizes too!

More Details
- On The Rox @ myspace

If you would like to see me spin before I leave on tour, there are more dates coming including the show at INFUSION on the 30th.
Dates will be announced soon.

Additionally, I will be performing a few cool shows in Red Light District coming soon. The entire benefit for Bob Baker's Marionette Theatre on the 24th has been postponed.

Have a good evening!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VOTD: iband & NAMM show

Music can be inspired from anything and anywhere. I am not an iphone person, however the video at the bottom of this post features two iphones and a Nintendo DS. (not exactly, 2 turntables & a mica'fone)

With this being said, I depart in an hour with Alexander Burke (vibraphone, accordion & piano in Red Light District live band) and Yuval Shrem for NAMM 09. This is a convention, bringing the newest and coolest music gear and software to the table. Developers, companies, creators, distributors and artists, composers & producers will all be in attendance to display either their own products or learn about other products or simply meet n greet and grow the ole network.

Oh... and there are parties and events... but that is not the focus right now... in fact, I am still quite under the weather.... then again Los Angeles has been having some very fine and extraordinary weather lately.

This is Broadway Big Band. It is an amazingly accurate sample set of instruments you would expect from a big band. The same way, people have had strings on their keyboards for years, this re-creates the sounds of trombone, clarinet, unbelievable drums and more. I would go into more depth about this. But the basics are that Yuval has the most advanced sample system available via an unreleased version of the HALION sampler and he spent a year in New York City, recording top session musicians and the result is a huge library of variations of live instruments. You have to view the page to see & hear the demos.

I am excited to finally meet folks such as Jean-Marie Cannie of Image-Line, who is the main fellow responsible for FL Studio, which has been an invaluable element in my studio for the past decade. I am thankful for companies who believe in my work so much that they endorse me, so I look forward to meeting with him in person as opposed to Skype and email. Let's see if I get the drink he promised ;)

There are other companies I will see and some who already endorse me. Sadly, George Yhong of TruePianos will not be present, however Vic Firth drum sticks, Taye drums, Pearl Drums, Evans and Aquarian shall all be present. When Ableton initially gave me their beta software called "Live" about eight years ago, I thought it was a cute and novel way to create music, but not for me, other than hashing ideas. I met with them, at NAMM 2001 at their tiny booth and they asked if I wanted to be endorsed as they liked my music. I had to say no since I did not really use it. Well, nearly ten years later, it is a huge center on certain projects including the forth coming album Mark Caro (Tech Itch) and I are completing. See

ok... I have not much time left... Have a good week... I am hoping to be able to find some WIFI or get my old phone cracked and switched over and onto metropcs so I actually have a mobile phone again ... and with internet again.

If you will be at NAMM and would like to meet, email me directly [ fda at newgrounds dot com ]

Here is the video I mentioned at the beginning of this mess ;)


Have a great week!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

VOD: Elysian Fields We're in Love

I awoke a few times this evening... I return to zzz land then reality, then back.

Listening to Elysian Fields when ill, is a positive way to feel calm and not only does it soothe but is a fine panacea. I have been a huge fan of their music for more than a decade now and not only is their music fantastic, they are sweet people.

Below is video, filmed on a rooftop in Brooklyn a few years ago, featuring Jennifer and Oren. Also, you may enjoy La Mar Enfortuna a darker side of Elysian Fields, combining multi language and psychedelic vibrations. Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, Charlie Mingus, Dead Can Dance.... but noting like that either.

Enjoy the video.... I shall now attempt to drink this Gypsy Cold Care tea and slumber more.

Uploaded by lablogotheque


Seeeek, home, blargh!

I was very much looking forward to this evening.

As of last night, however, I became quite achey and then witnessed the chills and such.
Other than having dinner with Robert Murphy, Serina and Jennifer Salem, and then visiting Home Depot, I stayed in and watched movies.

As the night continued, I became worse and worse. I awoke this morning with a horrible sore throat. I am also extremely achey now and shall soon return to sleep... I hope.

Today, I had to cancel on a meeting for this TV talk show pilot which is set to feature Red Light District as the in house band. Juliette had to go on her own. I had planned quite an adventure this evening as well.

6pm - Lindsay's graduation/ done with thesis dinner party
9pm - Amoreena's MAD MARIONETTES show at BORDELLO.
10pm - Depeche Mode and Duran Duran tribute band performances at Knitting Factory.
12am-2:30 - Disko Nekro @ Monte Cristo
also.... this art gallery event at the Louis Stern Gallery for the Lucien Clergue showing of photos of Picasso.

On top of it all... none of this would have cost me anything apart from my time and or gas.

I have not been sick too often in the last year apart from the usual Thyroid related incidents... I guess I am human.

I will now depart and rest more in bed and drink fluids mucho!

Good Night!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is not your exit, sir. Another BOMB Threat @ LAX

Someone thought they "was da bomb". You may or may not have heard about this fellow who attempted to change history again today by yelling "I've got a bomb" and continuing to try to open a door at the back of a DELTA Airplane while landing just earlier today at LAX.

Maybe he didn't get on well with the icing from the carrot cake or peanuts served in midflight snacktime. Maybe there was a yet another rerun of Friends and that put him over the edge...

Either way, the LAist, a fantastic blog, posted a series of twitter tweets by a fellow who was on the flight and I will now share these with you.

- Our plane is stopped on the taxiway they're asking for firefighters or police officers to come to the back of the plane
- Someone apparently "lost control" at the back of our plane. Still sitting on the taxiway
- Police escort to the gate
- "Legal authorities" boarding plane right now
- Captain is out here in the cabin on the phone. Legally cannot let anyone leave until police board
- Police on board
- 10 police officers and several suits onboard
- One man in custody
- Dragged by us in zip cuffs police have not cleared us to deplane
- Just got the go ahead to get off the plane. Now I can finally go pee! Hahahaha! :D
- Guy apparently tried to open the back door of the plane and said something about a bomb. That's a little more than I expected haha
- Oh well I at least I'm here in LA alright and got to finally run to the bathroom

Related information regarding this story:
The LAist
CBS news


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pissed... in the morning

No... not pissed as in drunk
not even pissed as in angry... not technically.

I was thrusted from my pleasant slumber this morning at 6am by the scent of freshly brewed urine cooked by Chef Pooch-A-Rilla!!!

The stench was so absolutely vile, I could not go back to sleep... it is now, nearly two hours later and I can not even think about sleep.. that scent could wake the dead!

The cat was even upset!

Pooch was out at 11pm and usually does not need another walk until later in the morning. Anyhow.... The territory wars between the animals seems to not stop with litter tossing, tissue crumbles, and poopy great walls of china.... I may have to do a test run for a week with the cat NOT here. If Pooch seems happier during that time, I will be looking for a home for Li, the kitty.

To move on to a different topic.... A friend was in need of cheering.. so I sent the following video... since youtube is going south in terms of what it has in library, I procured the following video which is an odd version of SEX SHOOTER, by Appolonia 6, which traveled upon keen ears during 1984 and the inspirational film, PURPLE RAIN, which marked Prince's debut film role.

Enjoy and have a fine day!

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