Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FRIDAY: you=dance + me=spin (Top Floor, LA)[ElectroIndieDustrialFunk]

This Friday night, I will be spinning for the first time in Los Angeles since the beginning of the year.
Come to THE TOP FLOOR at 10:30pm for the FREE party downtown at The Catalyst.

I will be spinning a finely spiced variety of fun and hard electro beats from the indie rock side to industrial-funk, "newer wave" and bangin' boombastic booty shakerz ;)
My set will also include my newest remixes of Godhead, West Indian Girl, Traci Lords, Pink Skull, Juno Reactor and Zombie Girl.

There will also be FREE CDs for those who ask me for them.


The Top Floor
@ The Catalyst (Artist Gallery Lofts)
2079 East 15th Street - Section C - 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90021

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Monday, July 28, 2008

What I am up to at 36

It is official...

as far as the actual birthday goes.

I am 36!

I remember when my father and mother were each this age!

Here is what am I up to lately.

When I was in Seattle this past January, I had spoken with my doctor's office and they informed me that my cholesterol levels were out of control and said I would immediately need to start lipitor. I refused this and said I would alter my diet instead as I already take enough medications due to my thyroid condition. After a long list of hearing what I shouldn't eat from red meat (which I have not had in a few decades) to butter on bread, I was finally caught when ice cream was mentioned.

Since February, I have not had a single soda, have pretty much cut all fried foods, watched my intake of processed foods (partially hydronated, androg-jaiy-Anus, high fructose corn crack)and dining times, as well as shifting to less breads, more raw foods and keeping myself well hydrated. This has lead to a weight loss of over 45 pounds!!!

It is quite rewarding to have not only improved my health on the technical side, but on both the internal feeling and external look. :)

I have cut myself LOOSE from the mobile phone since April!!!
I have had my Sprint line since 1997, when Patrick Rogers and I got our phones together at the Radio Shack on South Street, just before work on the Dark Harvest Festival. I will re-instate the phone shortly, however... it has been extremely freeing to NOT have a phone attached.

I am still working full-time at Universal Studios
I began during March of 2007 and have since been a Sound Stage Manager. Apart from the internal gossip and power struggles that I have witnessed, the job is fine. I enjoy the benefits and the perks are also welcomed ;)

There is a ton of news for which to be grateful!
My mother is cancer free still!!!! While we do not see enough of each other, I am happy for the time we do share and always hope the best for her and Victor as they have both been good parents for me. My father and June are also healthy and I have been lucky enough to have seen them and other family members a few times this year from touring and such.

Sadly, in the last year, we lost Max Kantor, my grandfather and husband to Betty, who is amazing! She and the rest of my father's family all reside within 30 miles of one another in Philadelphia.

>I am also grateful for the amazing friends I have who have been a warm family! In the last year, I have made some new friends and strengthened some of the existing relationships, of which were never so obvious. I am not sure how life could ever be without the presence of Legion as he has truly been a balancing force. I really hope that Paul Diaz is able to visit in August!!! I miss my Philadelphia friends so much!
Being able to reconnect with friends and family is one of the best reasons for touring as both a musician and the occasional DJ tour. I am planning a tour for autumn which will extend both the west and east coast.

Speaking of Music
The album with Mark is coming along well. The first two songs have wound up bootlegged from Mark's TechItch dj gigs around the globe. It was a trip to see Mark spin and people going nuts and singing my lyrics. I have been involved in music for many years and have had this before, however, it had been so many years, and it is just as exciting as the first time! Especially when some fellow grabbed me and without knowing he was dancing to a song I had co-written, he said "This is the shit" as he sang my lyrics and jumped up and down.... maybe he said that the song was shit and he was jumping up and down to have Mark stop spinning it.

The album is being pushed by the Celldweller camp, FIXT and features not just vocals from me, but a host of cool folks including a funky tune with Douglas McCarthy.

Mark and I have been creating this amalgam of metal, drum n bass, electrofunk, indiepop at our house in Granada Hills, CA, where we have our full studio. It is amazing to be able to play drums at any time of the day and night. (This falls into the grateful category!) I still have the apartment in Hollywood and am typing from here now.

In other music news, my first work for Ryko / Warner Bros. ships October 7th on the new Godhead album, where I produced and remixed the song, "Soldier".

I am also in progress on producing The Return Of Josie Cotton!!! We have some good work accomplished and are currently in the middle of the 2009 version of "Johnny Are You Queer", which will surely see some press. We are both proud of the work this far! If you are unfamiliar with her work, do a google search... you might just find the maneaters video or a clip from the film, Valley Girl.

I will be posting some clips from the studio as well as my new set of wheels, courtesy of Mz Josie Cotton!!!

As far as other music is concerned, I have a slew of other releases coming soon including remixes and production for West Indian Girl, Pink Skull, Tracie Lords, Zombie Girl, Juno Reactor, Isaac Hayes and Burt Bacharach.

The Red Light District album is being mixed when time allows for it. There are twenty songs in two parts; Smoke and Mirrors. The first being the more retro side of the 20s and 30s with a modern twist and the latter, having a more futuristic and experimental pop essence. Our recent live performance at Bordello was sold out, 50 people over capacity and had sadly turned away over 100 people (sorry to Tony, Nick, Andrea, etc...) We have been rehearsing as a live sextet (six people, not SEX) once a week for the last few months and I am very proud of everyone involved! I am pleasantly surprised at how well this music is being received!!!

There has been not yet been enough time to squeeze in time for Zeitmahl or Emit Peels, however, my schedule will be re-arranging in the next few weeks and I am excited to work on new material.

I will publish this post to be syndicated to my blog (mylivetube), livejournal, sg, lj and myspace and will then realize that I wanted to include x or y or x and y chromosome, etc. Maybe I could have mentioned being grateful for Pooch-A-Rilla or having a roof over my head or being somewhat responsible... sybil

Ok... I have slowly jotted this down over the last hour or so and will head away to work on some music since I have the day off from Universal.

The plan is to have dinner and go to The Magic Castle... I am NOT yet certain as to my deal there, so dinner may take place nearby and then we can walk over to the Magic Castle as it is $10 to park and you can park around the cornhole for $3 or even park at my place for freebase. ;)

Please contact me directly if you would like to join in the fun this evening.
If you feel the urge to stop over, I should be around all day :)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

My bday celebration: Step 1 = Free Admission to RUIN, Friday

Friday, the 25th of July, celebrate my Bday, which is actually Monday, the 28th at RUIN for NO COVER if you mention my name at the door and arrive before midnight!

I will be handing out some free CDs as well.

Information for the club is on www.ladead.com

If you like the old alternative music, shoegaze, indierock, darkwave, deathrock and some britpop, this is just the tip of what you will hear spun by XIAN and Darren of Indie 103's Big Sonic Heaven.

If you can not attend on Friday, there is more fun to be had over the wknd and a cool outting on my birthday evening.

Drop me a line for more...


Saturday, July 19, 2008



This sounds like it will be a ton of fun... I had wanted to write about this earlier in the week, however I have been on a roll all week and barely around.

The Santa Monica Pier and beach surrounding it, is holding a big 12 hour FREE FESTIVAL from 7pm until 7am!!! Music, Carnival performers, art installations and I am sure a few reach-arounds that are in no relation to the event!

I will be leaving shortly, having just returned home from work.

Please refer to the links below for futher information!

Official Site

Alternate Article


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

on drums Wednesday night - FREE performance in LA

I will be on drums for Vernon Lewis [musician, actor, stuntman extraordinare ] (NBC's HEROES)

Saddle Ranch Universal (see site)
100 Universal Plaza
Universal City, 91608

10pm showtime
Wednesday, the 16th of July

This is a FREE performance
21+ to enter,
however, being that the venue is connected to the outside patio, if you are NOT of age, you can see and hear the performance.

Intruder is also performing after us and they are a fun Van Halen tribute band.

Contact me for any questions, comments, concerns and or discussion items.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wanna laugh at six girls tonight? Check this!!!

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