Friday, February 29, 2008

VOTD: Video Of The Day - TV of Tomorrow (also recap)

Ok, so before we roll out the video of the day which is actually based on tomorrow that was written in the past.... let's talk about the recent past.... my week.

Last Saturday, attempted to see JUMPER... walked in the rain to the Chinese Theatre to find out that they had canceled all evening shows! Nice notifications on their site and at their ticket office which appeared open.

Sunday was another day of work, however it began by stopping for a good drink of smoothies at The JUICE FOUNTAIN on Hollywood Blvd with Kimberly, who has a fun blog with similar fun jokes and links and videos.

Lemme simply jot some notes of the week..... On Tuesday, saw a pre-screening of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, which I highly recommend for fans of 40 yr old Virgin, Knocked up and Superbad. I liked this very much and laughed a ton as did Yuval, who came with me. If you are a musician, you should check Yuval's highly acclaimed software which is being heard all over in tv to film and on major Broadway musical and other stage productions.

Wednesday.... performed with Vernon Lewis and that was much fun! I usually am on drums but this time I was rockin' the percussion.

Thursday.... last minute retweaks on a remix that is due... glad it is going to be in a big film... also signed the lease to something which will have its own blog to be mentioned. Watched LOST at 2am in HiDef via the ABC Website and zonked out after.

The only solid plan for the wknd (other than work) is to go to DROID BEHAVIOR on Saturday. Other loose plans include seeing Jumper, going to RUIN possibly this evening, Juice Fountain/ Selma Farmer's market on Sunday..... dog park and MOVING and that is the part which will have its own blog posting.

So enough of all of this and on to the

I have been wanting to post this for a week now, but sometimes it takes a while... to focus.... what was I saying again? hmmm....... I love food... I wonder what is happening outside? OK... so we all know how that can sometimes happen.

Tex Avery directed this short written by Heck Allen about the TV of TOMORROW which as we all know is now the home computer. While you sit back and nosh on food at the office, home, school or mobile device in the waiting room for your root canal, think about this in terms of your computer and we can see how the times have not changed much. There are also related videos to this such as the CAR of TOMORROW which is found in my youtube playlists.


(what are you doing for YOUR wknd?)


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FREE SCREENING: Forgetting Sarah Marshall @ Chinese Theatre

The folks who brought the likes of 40 yr old Virgin, knocked up and superbad...

I am going for the 7pm showing and have room to invite a guest.....

wanna go?

message me soon....

this is for the Mann theatre in Hollywood, CA




I had taken some time away from the net last week and have been focusing on wrapping up the album for RED LIGHT DISTRICT as well as shifting my dietary world since I had been told I was thirty pounds overweight and 20 pounds heavier than last year. The worst of it was being called and informed I had a massively high bad cholesterol level and that I would need to start Lipitol immediately...

The good news is that I said I would change my diet right away and ex-sore-sigh-zzz.
I was told the following:
1. cut down on red meat
= my response: I have not had red meat in 20 years

2. instead of whole milk, use 2% or lowfat
= my response: I do not drink milk and haven't for years... I drink almond milk

3. do not butter my breads as often, etc.
= my response: I hardly ever have butter on my bread

4. Ice Cream
= my response: Ok... you got me!

I can rock an entire one of those Dreyer's 2 gallons in one sitting while watching a movie ;)
Anyhow..... I have since cut out fried foods, ice cream and even sodas (Jack & Coke have been limited drastically as well) and weight is not only dropping, but I feel fantastic :)
I even had 3 comments on Sunday regarding my weight :)


The Following is one of my backed up LOTDs aka Link Of The Day

FIGHT CLUB, The Musical

Yes, boys and girlinas... following in the trail of Mel Brooks' work, The Producers, Young Frankenstein and soon to be, Blazing Saddles, a number of fantastic films are doing the flip of the Musical to Movie act as the stories of the Moving Pictures are being resurrected and adapted for the stage for song and dance.

One of these is the story of FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahniuk. Apparently, Trent Reznor will score this.
Director, David Fincher will be tied to this as well if the production takes off at all.

I am not sure I can imagine Tyler Durden as a flamboyant dancer, but then again, the Sharks of West Side Story had a dark side that was convincing at the time, but "when you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette 'till your last dyin' day!"


Saturday, February 23, 2008

JUMPER anyone? @ Chinese Theatre

I believe I will walk over there and check it ;)


Anyone else in Hollywood or near with any cool plans?

btw, if you wrote me and I did not respond....  I took a week off the myCRACKspace overall.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sisters Of Mixing on Neon Noise / Indie 103.1 - Los Angeles

Great news!

The Sisters Of Mixing's "New Cretia" take on The Sisters Of Mercy classic "Lucretia, My Reflection" is making its debut on indie 103.1 / DJ Paul V's show, Neon Noise this evening and it should be dropping about 2:30 am.

His main web home is You will find archived set lists and shows and other fun info.
Neon Noise on Myspace:

Thanx again to everyone who has helped the recent explosion of this track.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Been Blogged - Free Sisters mp3!!!

Last week, SOM got a link and to much surpise, the mp3 had been blogged!
Read below!

Download the mp3 for free! There is no catch to it.

Sisters Of Mixing has been blogged by top music blogging site,


On the site you will find the "New Cretia" song that has been floating around from DJ to DJ and dance floor to party all over the world lately.

This is a very exciting time and it is amazing that so many people are enjoying this as much as they are!!!

Thank you!!!

Enjoy the song and pass this along to any or all friends, DJs, journalists, etc. whom you know will dig it!

Have a lovely valentine's day!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First LuvJam video online!

So far, this is the only video.

Looking fwd to seeing your photos, videos and any creative reviews, program guides (Trixie is awesome!), etc.


LuvJam 4: Love Jam - Hot Hot Hot from Shok on Vimeo.

Btw, the piece of paper I am holding has the lyrics written on it... I wound up just making up my own most of the way. Note: we had only one run through of the song ever. for more or if your browser will not let you see the embedded on here.
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LuvJam Ruled!!!

I had tons o' fun and it was a pleasure to play with and also entertain a lovely and supportive crowd!

Thank you to all who were involved as well as those who supported!

It is certainly a growing force!

more on


Monday, February 11, 2008

LuvJam 4: LoveJam - FREE - Tuesday!!!

Tuesday night will be a great time... FREE, FUN and FANTASTICO!

The Basics of Luv Jam:
Every other month or so, a bunch of Universal employees unite to perform cover songs. We have one rehearsal a few nights before the date of Luv Jam and then it is show time.

Hear covers of Pink Floyd, The Clash, Young MC, The Killers, Joss Stone, Queen and more!!!

I will be on drums for several songs and then I will be grabbing the mic for a "hilarious" rendition of something you will NOT want to miss!!!

[My only hints for the song is the following: maracas, shakers, horns, party, rum-bum-bum]

The party begins at 9pm and runs toward midnight or so.
Bring your cameras, good vibes and some friends!
(ages 21 & over or decent fake id)

Luv Jam @ Saddle Ranch
@ Universal City Walk
1000 Universal Studios Blvd.
Universal City, California 91608

Official Luv Jam page:


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Growth - one year

It was exactly a year ago at this moment when my life took a turn for the unexpected.

My life was changed and at the time, and for a long while after, I was not happy about it to say the least.
It did, however, make me grow and alter my life in many ways I was not desiring but ultimately have strengthened me.
Thank you to all of the people who have been in my life before and during this last year.

I have refocused my life and even though every day is NOT necessarily amazing, there are many days where I know I am achieving my goals and headed in the correct direction.  Thankfully my recent dietary scare of being overweight with an alarmingly high cholesterol level helped curb my eating and the intake of the "not-so-good" foods :)

I am very lucky to have two parents, who even though they often have their own set of issues, I know they both want the best for me and they love me with all of their hearts.

Actually... I have four parents as both Victor and June have been in my life and are positive supports.

I am about to sleep as I have work in a few hours, but I was sitting here thinking about where I was a year ago and I am very sure of who I am and all that has occurred since.

Enough rambling....  I have a doggie that needs a cuddling... she also serves as my heating blanket.... so off I go.


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