Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Fridays = First Saturday for PEEP!

Hey folks!

We are NOT holding FIRST FRIDAYS @ Medusa Lounge this week, due to a pre-existing engagement booked from before we began.

We will be celebrating life, spring, sensuality, art and dance this Saturday, the 2nd, however at Infusion Gallery.

There are some amazing artists showing their photography and music will go on and on as long as you can keep dancing. There is a bar and possibly some Peeps for food.

Darren Revell and I will spin a wide variety of delightful music with a few surprises and guests along the way.

I will be giving away several CDs of the RevellShok Top Fives compilation, which includes Darren's top five and my top five songs we have selected for the month of May.

For more information:
-= RSVP here =-

Congrats to Jennie Oh, who won the FischerSpooner tickets last month. We will resume at Medusa Lounge on the 5th of June with our special guest DJ, Trishyliscious.

Hope to see you Saturday!!!

I have added some tunes for your listening pleasure.. also, if you would like to hear a rough version of a song from the Tech Itch / Shok album featuring Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), head to

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

VOTD: Depeche Mode TV & Moby & David Lynch animation

1. Depeche Mode - tv commercial
2. David Lynch visualizes Moby

I am headed to see DEPECHE MODE a bit later today.
The band is performing at Hollywood and Vine to promote 'SOUNDS OF THE UNIVERSE' on the Jimmy Kimmel show, which just dropped into circulation on the 20th and 21st, depending on your territory, however, it's quiet or rather leaked presence has been around for over the last few months.

Helicopters are already out, surveying. There is an expected 10 thousand + turnout for this spectacle. I will report more later.

Below is a German commercial, featuring the band, for the new album, priced @ 9.99

The other video of the day comes from someone from my past, Moby.
This animation is directed by David Lynch and is good for a Silvery Day such as the morning here in Hollywood. You can download the mp3 for FREE on

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

VOTD: Tiga - Shoes & FixmerMcCarthy DJset tonight

1. VOTD: Tiga - Shoes
2. Douglas McCarthy & Terrence Fixmer DJ Set tonight @ SyncSpace

In the last two weeks, this song has become an anthem for anyone who has been to my home. You may recall Tiga for his "Sunglasses At Night" electro remake or his remake of "Hot In Here", which has an amazing video.
"Shoes" is by far his most infectious, even more than "Mind Dimension" and "Ocean Drive" two other hits of his. Enjoy the wacky 80s influenced video below.

In case you missed their performance on Friday @ Das Bunker or if you simply want to check their DJ set, Fixmer McCarthy will drop music tonight at SyncSpace, the art gallery.

I have a recording session at 6:30, so I am hoping to get there by 10:30 or so.

Tomorrow is also Depeche Mode, which excites me! Are you going?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

VOTD: MinivanHighway (KraftwerkSuburban) ZombieGirl Remix

This is what it said at 12:51pm

Today is a day where allergies prosper!

I need a power drill to resolve sinus pressure.

Last night, I completed some projects and this morning paperwork and other business affairs. There was a notice sent Friday of some unclaimed funds from Universal as well as a new contract for me from a film company which is certainly good news!

How was YOUR wknd?
What did YOU do?


Sunday: No Farmer's Market, No Hike, but a cookout at Julian's in North Hollywood/ Burbank where Heidi and I had Swordfish! Dr. Kathy Fadigan met us before leaving for the airport. She is a great pal from Philadelphia, who had been visiting since Wednesday as she had a conference in Garden Grove. I came home and completed a remix which I will post at the bottom.

Saturday: Shared dinner at HOME, in Los Feliz, with Kathy Fadigan, Heidi, Yuval and Charles then hit DISKO NEKRO. Then back to Charles' abode for a bit with several folks, where I procured salmon, triscuits, hummus and a brownie for dessert.

Friday: El Compadre dinner with Kathy Fadigan, Nicole D., Jill Specter and her pal, Hadiss. You know I am not feeling well, when I only have a margarita and soup plus chips. Then Kathy, Nicole, Robert Murphy and I headed to my annual visit to Das Bunker, where we saw my friend, Douglas, perform. After, I went to Charles' and we at sushi and a few folks joined.

This brings me to the video of the day, "MINIVAN HIGHWAY". Being that I do not really have a tv, I had not really known much of Tim And Eric. I found this video last week and oddly enough, this past Friday, backstage at Das Bunker, I was speaking with a friend, JP, who is the lady counterpart to Bon Harris , Douglas's bandmate from Nitzer Ebb, and she mentioned a recent involvement with Tim And Eric. It was fate that this video would make it to VOTD

Think Kraftwerk meets 1981, complete with docksiders on foot!

Below is the remix I created last Summer (July) but have just uploaded for Zombie Girl's hit, "Creepy Crawler"
Zombie Girl - Creepy Crawler (Shok's Horror Pop Mix) by fdaallday

Enjoy your Monday and its evening!

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Friday, April 17, 2009


FixmerMcCarthy performs tonight at Das Bunker.

Douglas is the voice of Nitzer Ebb, who you may have heard since the 80s on such dance classics as "Let Your Body Learn", "Murderous" and the top ten dance hit, "Join In The Chant". While the band had other hits, including "Control" and "Lightning Man", it was "Fun To Be Had" (also a top ten hit) that actually landed them much more commercial exposure due to MTV's 120 minutes.

They toured the world with Depeche Mode, worked for years with Flood (who produced U2's The Joshua Tree and PWEI and nearly everyone who was amazing in that era), collaborated with William Orbit (who produced Beth Orton and Madonna) and they even were remixed by George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic

Apart from Nitzer Ebb, Douglas has also contributed vocals to Client, KLOQ, MOTOR and TechItch/Shok, a project I have with Mark Caro, who is celebrating his birthday today! You can listen to a promo clip of our song with Douglas I just uploaded, by clicking the image below which will take you to the myspace page.

Terrence Fixmer will be summoning the music tonight and he is one bad fellow! He wrote a fun dance track in 98, "Electrostatic", that made its way to the top within one year. Now, together with Douglas, they are storming the dance floors and festival grounds around the globe for maximum dance capacity!

Douglas's music as Nitzer Ebb, had a profound impact on me as a teen and even today. First of all, you could not go to a club in the late 80s or early 90s that played dance music and NOT see someone wearing the NE shirts, particualrly the Showtime era from 1990 forward, which was a huge seller during their tour with Depeche Mode.

He and I became friends and went on to work together on music. We have been on many journies... even the trials of vehicle malfunction in the hot desert when both of our mothers and my doggie, Miss Pooch-A-Rilla were stuck! (We did prevail!)
I am looking forward to supporting this man tonight and dance dance dancing!

Together, FixmerMcCarthy will take the stage at the local Los Angeles, DAS BUNKER this evening. Be prepared to see some hard dance beats and some familiar vocals. Often, they perform new takes on some Nitzer Ebb classics.

Get your rivet on this evening!

Open 10pm - 3am @ The Catch One 4067 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

Fly to FixmerMcCarthy on myspace

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VOTD: FEIST & Cillian Murphy

Before we roll out the Video Of The Day, I am expressing my excitement to have the first rehearsal this evening for the new ZEITMAHL line-up! It has been more than just a few years since any performance and I am eager to entertain you once again on the stage with a full multi-media performance. There is an mp3 linked at the end of this post to grab "Oversoul" from 2003.

Do we have some fans of FEIST out there? How about BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE? I enjoy a handful of the ideas she has and those are some gems from the pop world. Alex aka Boys Noize did a fantastic remix of her song, "MY MOON MY MAN" in 2007 which is also linked below.

"The Water" is a short film written and directed by Kevin Drew of BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE and stars David Fox, Cillian Murphy (Batman Franchise), and Leslie Feist. It is a few years old, but that is how it works! This is also a great vehicle for her music which arrives later in the story.

How better to start a short, but to drag a body through the snow?

"The Water is a film that explores the past, present, and future of a family over 24 hours. Set in the middle of a cold beautiful winter it explores the complex and intimate dynamic between loved ones and loss with regret and anticipation. The Water's story, told like a visual poem unfolds in silence, in the faces of the characters and in the beauty of music, leaving questions about death, life and love." - Revolver Film Company

mp3s for educational purposes only!
- Feist - My Moon, My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
- Zeitmahl - Oversoul

Read an interview with Cillian Murphy here on his site.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

SLEEPMASK & Video Premiere tonight @ Cinespace


Happy Egg n Bunny Day! Happy Keester!

I hit the farmers market (selma & ivar) then instead of the usual hike, visited mi madre for a lil and walked to the local park. I am now home and will work on finishing some music.

What are you doing on Easter? Did you have green eggs n ham, Sam I Am?

Secondly, this evening, my ole friend, Ming and his band, SLEEPMASK, will perform @ Cinespace for the premiere of their video, "Choose That Girl", directed by Justin Coloma.

Several of us had the pleasure of viewing an early cut of this a few weeks ago in my apartment. I look forward to seeing this on the "relatively" big screen. See you there!!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

LOTD: JOTD: Journey Of The Day (360 Cities)

This is quite lovely and you can visit some real world places and not get stuck in fantasy land such as Second Life and or World Of Warcraft.

Make sure to use the controls to pan around to see as much as you can.

The Marionette Shop next to Charles Bridge in Prague

If you would like a blissful soundtrack while "vacationing" on this journey, head to where you can also download free albums and there is a new one on the way this autumn.

Check for more adventures!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

TOP FIVES 2009 April mix for you from RevellShok

Here is the beginning of monthly gifts!

The first in a new series from RevellShok
Each month, Darren & Shok each post five songs for your enjoyment.

With this installment there are new songs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Royksopp, IAMX and Depeche Mode. The list is below.

Click the image or HERE to grab the zip of these songs, and please support the artists!

(Note: When you go to get the file, look on the left for "Click here to download")

Darren's five songs...
Royksopp featuring Karin Dreijer - This Must Be It
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric
Seaspin - Love Is A Fable
Bat For Lashes - Daniel
Lykke Li - Little Bit

Shok's five songs
IAMX - Nature Of Inviting
Depeche Mode - Corrupt
Bomb The Bass - So Special (Featuring Paul Conboy)
Evil Nine - Set It Off! (Featuring Beans)
Chris Cornell - Part Of Me

Bonus Tunes for your downloading + listening pleasure
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (Shok's Dark Side Of The Wall mix)

Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok's ReRevelation)

Additionally, for every party, a new remix is shared. Covenant was the first artist and Pink Floyd was remixed for April.
For more information, please whisk away to &

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Setlist from RevellShok's First Fridays #2

Below is the list of songs played last Friday.
Stay tuned for the following post with the RevellShok TOP FIVES. Darren and I have both picked our five songs of the month to share. This includes new songs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Royksopp, IAMX and Depeche Mode.

First Fridays @ Medusa Lounge #2 2009 04 03
RevellShok with D++ and BlueGirl

Darren Revell set #1

Animotion - Obsession (automatic panic vs dj cat nyc remix)
The Human League - Seconds
Yelle - hot and cold (katy perry cover)
The Bloody Beetroots - rombo (hoshina anniversary remix)
Kraftwerk - trans europe express
Siouxsie and The Banshees - israel
Covenant - bullet
Book Of Love - tubular bells
Camouflage - the great commandment
Depeche Mode - nothing to fear
Depeche Mode - master and servant
Midnight Star - operator
The Jets - crush on you
Tiffany - i think we're alone now
Kraftwerk - numbers
Irene Cara - what a feeling
VNV Nation - ascension
Roxy Music - dance away
Big Country - in a big country
Sisters Of Mercy - no time to cry
Skinny Puppy - far too frail
Peter Murphy - cuts you up
- Download an mp3 of her set
- alternate / mirror link

Olivia Newton John - Magic
Depeche Mode - Lie to Me
Fischerspooner - Cloud
Miss Kitten - Rippin Kitten
Electric Six - Gay Bar
Siouxsie - Kiss Them For Me
Blur - Girls and Boys
Divinyls - I touch Myself
New Order - Shell Shock

20th Century Fox Fanfare
The Cure - Hot Hot Hot
VHS or Beta - Night On FIre
Fischer Spooner - Just Let Go (Thin White Duke remix)
Depeche Mode - John The Revelator
Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok's Revelation mix)
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (Shok's Dark Side Of The Wall mix)
Led Zeppelin - Ramble On
My Bloody Valentine - Soon
Machines Of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Snake River Conspiracy - Breed
God Lives Underwater - Fame (Bowie Cover)
Duran Duran - Careless Memories
Soft Cell - Bedsitter
Soul II Soul - Back To Life

Darren Revell set #2

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random SOTD: MF Yorke - MF DOOM & Thom Yorke

I do not have much time for online shennanigan-foolery today, however, I knew this would be interesting to many.

MF DOOM has been remixed by Radiohead's Thom Yorke. I make no judgments on this music as I am quite fixated on the recent release by Elysian Fields, titled "The Afterlife". I have spent the last weeks enjoying "Sounds Of The Universe" by Depeche Mode and Chris Cornell as well. Perhaps a review is in order.

Enjoy MF DOOM, remixed by Thom Yorke. What are your reactions?

Another post is coming later including the RevellShok Top5 tunes for April including downloads!

Have a good rest of your day, evening and or night!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

VOTD: Misheard Industrial Lyrics And One cartoon & quick recap!

Check below for misheard lyrics to a song by AND ONE.

I had a lovely wknd from the well attended FIRST FRIDAYS event @ Medusa Lounge to a Saturday at home completing many goals to a long Sunday, including meeting a baby GOOSE, named Earl, waddling down my street behind his daddy, hitting the Farmers' Market (Selma & Ivar), a several hour long hike to the top of ECHO MOUNTAIN, a gathering of friends at FAT FISH for $2 Sushi and then attending Part Time Punks and seeing an old friend who relocated to Manhattan.

Today, my mother and Victor joined me for a quick lunch. I am very happy that we live relatively close to each other.

I have tons of videos of my own to share soon.... speaking of this.... does anyone have a link to the VH-1 special featuring Josie Cotton? I have yet to see this since I do not have tv, so perhaps it is online, I am in the interview footage and would enjoy being able to see this.

Here is today's video. Enjoy!

Lastly, if you have not heard this, I created a fun mix of PINK FLOYD's "RUN LIKE HELL" for the dance floor, car, hang gliding and or rollerskating, etc!

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (Shok's Dark Side of The Wall mix) by fdaallday

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, Frmrs Mrkt, Hike, Sushi, Part Time Punks

Today is one of those days where one feels very well rested and TRIUMPHANT!!!! While I have merely been home since Friday evening, or rather Saturday early, when I returned from another victorious FIRST FRIDAYS party, I have accomplished so much from cleaning more of the apartment to completing music projects and more... I suppose it was another accomplishment to once again bathe Li, the kitty as well.

My pal, Alan just arrived and is parking... Heidi should be here in a moment... this means I am leaving for the Hollywood Farmer's Market (Selma & Ivar) momentarily then we shall go for a hike.

Later in the evening, 9pm is $2 Sushi @ Fat Fish 3300 6th Street (just West of Vermont) and hopefully headed over to The Echo for PART TIME PUNKS to see The Sixteens, Secret Society of the Sonic Six and Cut Chemist. Wanna join?

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Friday, April 3, 2009

VOTD: Shalom from Perry Farrell

Our pal, Peretz Bernstein aka Perry Farrell aka Peripheral gets his Jewtronics on and hebrews out to the hebro's and she-bros with a classic!

This was from a CHABAD Telethon. Bonus for the little fella who joins Perry toward the completion of the song.

I still like the idea that NINJA is the formation of Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction... then again, I enjoy the manipulation of words :)

We are going to have a great evening, join us!

Visit the official site for more.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning, BRUNO (Borat Follow Up) & First Fridays

Yesterday I helped a friend move all day and then in the evening, I went to see Sunshine Cleaning, starring an ensemble of Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn. I saw this at The Arclight Cinema in Hollywood, where I view most films. Five of us went and none of us knew much about it apart from me reading off a line about biohazard cleanups. The film focuses on two sisters who wind up falling into the business of cleaning up after crime scenes. This brings about issues with their own loss and while it has serious moments, it is a very well organized farce and I highly recommend this, particularly if you like films such as Little Miss Sunshine and The Royal Tenenbaums.

I am off now to head to a pre-release screening of Sacha Baron Cohen's follow up film to Borat and Ali G., BRUNO.

The full working title is Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt which is expected to hit theatres on the 10th of July here in the states.


Tomorrow night is the 2nd installment of the FIRST FRIDAYS party which successfully brought a wide variety of people together to enjoy a wide variety of music. It was amazing to have over 500 people enjoying an evening together. (btw, beyond the drink specials and absinthe, the FOOD, is great!)

D++, Darren Revell and I will be joined by our special guest, DJ BlueGirl, on the decks and you can wintickets to see Fischer Spooner perform!

See photos, our setlist, and download free music on

The party is FREE before 10:45 if you RSVP here.

Below is my set list from last time... please visit our page for the other sets.

20th Century Fox Fanfare
The Doors - The Movie
Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl
Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok's ReRevelation)
The Faint - The Geeks (DIOYY Remix)
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Nine Inch Nails - That's What I Get (Computer Club remix)
Depeche Mode - Wrong (Radio mix)
The Cult - Fire Woman
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Revolting Cocks - Stainless Steel Providers
The Bollock Brothers - Harley David (Son Of A Bitch)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It
Renegade Soundwave - Biting My Nails
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing
The Kinks - You Really Got Me
Love And Rockets - Ball Of Confusion
Tricky - Love Cats (cover of The Cure) ** ticket giveaway
Stevie Wonder - Superstition Freak(Stevie vs Wired All Wrong)

Free download from the first party
Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok's ReRevelation) by fdaallday

Visit the official site for more.

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