Friday, May 29, 2009

June 5th First Fridays, Tix to Peter Murphy, The Orb & More

We return next Friday, the 5th of June with a ton of treats for our 3rd party!

The House Of Blues Anaheim has given us:
-5 pairs of tickets to see Peter Murphy
-5 pairs of tickets to see The Orb
Trivia & Dance offs to win!

Millenium Products is bringing us lots of their Synergy Drinks & Kombucha Tea (FREE) for rehydration after you have been dancing madly. See us at the DJ booth to grab a bottle!

Flying in for a special guest spot is DJ Vixen Van GoGo from Philadelphia. She is also a notorious Roller Derby Girl, so watch yourself. Ask to see her tattoo!

Darren Revell (Big Sonic Heaven, Indie 103.1fm) and I will be spinning a variety of music to get you rocking the dancefloor fever!

From Depeche Mode to Sonic Youth, Ladytron to Duran Duran, The Stone Roses to The Prodigy, Stevie Wonder to Killing Joke, The Cult to Royksopp, Ministry to Justice, Alex Metric to IAMX, we have you covered.

FREE RevellShok June Top Picks Mix CDs will be handed out during the night!

The food at Medusa Lounge is fantastic too, so save room for delicacies!

FREE admission from 9-10pm with RSVP and $5 after. Share the invitation so your friends can RSVP here:

Cameras are more than welcomed and bring your comfy shoes. Be prepared to have an amazing party.

We look forward to seeing you!!!

--- Shok (on behalf of RevellShok)

(Lisa Gerrard Sample) I am excited for this show tonight @Key_Club . I will post collaborations Michael & I cr... ♫


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am going to bust this out next Friday, June 5th @ @medusaloungela as this song brings th... ♫

I was once in this band as was Jeremy (Shiny Toy Guns). Please watch the video which is quite 4AD. Matt reloca... ♫ *


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Watch the video @ .. This ol' song comes from the ex-Stone Roses singer. While this tune is not my fav... ♫

Sounding familiar? It is because Portishead yanked this for their entire 93/94 hit "Sour Times". This has been... ♫

As sleep steals me away for a few hours, I leave you with this song from the 2003 album, Morning Sci-Fi (file:... ♫

Since my last blip was JMChain & I have had their music in my head, here is Talking Words from a fine, local L... ♫


Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, the early 90s & the mixture of noise, guitars, funk spiced beats & traveling bass & song writing! I shall ... ♫


Friday, May 22, 2009


This is *maybe* a test!

They are playing tonight with The Horrors @ Henry Fonda. I will be at the echo, seeing @Adam_Freeland perform,... ♫

You may recall their music in Lost In Translation by Sophia Coppola (girlfriend of band member, Thomas) or hav... ♫


Thursday, May 21, 2009

VOTD: Slumdog Price is Right

Today/ Tonight's Video is a short take on Slumdog Meeeeeeeeellleeeeyawnaire, which I did enjoy!

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young producer/ songwriter, ghostwriter for many. similar to infadels, freeland, goose. included on June mix h... ♫

My sleep schedule is beyond this world & this song conjures the worldly dreams and sparks the adventure... so ... ♫


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dopplereffekt @ The ROXY tonight!!!

Dopplereffekt are performing this evening at THE ROXY in Hollywood. If you are a fan of experimental dark electro that takes you to another reality, you will enjoy this!

Please check the video below and if you want to get on the list, contact me before 8pm. Also see Randall Roberts' LA WEEKLY colum about tonight!

The event this evening also includes Discobelle DJs celebrating their new SCION Mix CD (yes, the car company!)

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LA based Female fronted grit rock shoegaze ala JMChain, MBValentine. They have toured w/ SPumkins, Young Gods,... ♫


GOTD: iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe

Gadget Of The Day:

This is a MUCH better alternative to playing Solitaire when waiting, relaxing or on the toilet. Sounds of "Sounds Of The Universe" will be at your fingertips!

Do you have tickets to see their tour?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Since first hearing this in 2003, I have loved & found it quite 4ADesque. I hope Lou Reed likes Martin's versi... ♫

Share/Save/Bookmark in a fog

The future for certain sites, particularly is in a bit of a fog presently.

If you are unfamiliar with the site, it is similar to a or pandora, in the way of music recommendation, however it is based on the manual input of particular songs to be shared by members whom you choose to follow. If a song is listed in the database, an optional mini-description and or notes may be included, similar to a twitter status update.

I joined the site last October, however only began using it recently. I am watching twitter more closely these days and visiting sites, such as myspace, less and less due to time and interest and can send the music updates directly to twitter so you can see the musical selections being shared by the folks whose updates you follow. This is yet another method, filling the absence of relevant radio and being introduced to new music.

Being an avid music lover, always with a voracious appetite for new tunes, I love this, however, some record labels, publishers and artists do NOT love this which brings us to the status of

The site was funded for it's opening in 2008 and it's co-founder/ CEO, Jeff Yasuda, from San Francisco, is also responsible for sites such as (which recently closed), wrote an update discussing the details for change here. Of course, not everyone wants their music to be streamed and those who do, will want to join, which will be the grandparent's attic of songs for future enjoyment. Presently, folks outside of the states can not access all of the music which could become a bigger issue for, however, at the rate of growth from the site, a number of paths could form to provide a strong life.

If you are a musician, label, manager, it is another great avenue to spread the sounds of your art to hungry ears.

Read all about it!
My shared url from Sunday detailing blip's future:
LA WEEKLY article by Liz Ohanesian:
Personal blip:

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Just as the title states, but w/ the feathery voice of Dot Allison of One Dove [related: MBV, Arab Strap, Mass... ♫

clear you mind, unwind, let the music nourish you so you may go forth! ♫

I have to *die* each night, but it is temporary. Maybe I have to *Live* each night. Either way, let the dreams... ♫


Monday, May 18, 2009

Since Juliette & I just finished working, I am sharing a song of ours from a few yrs ago. Shimmering guitars, ... ♫

Margaret's smooth voice glides atop the flowing tribal rhythms &silky atmospheres by Guy Fixen (MBV/ Breeders)... ♫

This song is a MUST & so is the award-winning video Go Spookify!!! ♫


What an amazing film: The Brothers Bloom

Tonight after the weekly $2 Sushi outing to Fat Fish in Koreatown. My pals, Jenz & Angela and I went to see the 10:25 screening of THE BROTHERS BLOOM @ The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

I will want to write something more ultimately, but having just returned, I will say this... It is a great adventure of the two brothers, who are con men & how their final con, before the younger brother, played by Adrien Brody (The Pianist), is played as he is blown away by the woman whom he is supposed to fool, Rachel Weisz.

The story takes place in various countries and combines a classic physical and satirical comedy as well as suspense and even a good ride that allows the romance of the idea of the story to be sincere!

I highly recommend this!

The writer & director, Rian Johnson, is also responsible for the film "BRICK", which was low-fi to say the least. But it did have some folks such as Lukas Haas, who I just ran into at Guitar Center recently.

Last note... I knew Adrien Brody from summer camp. We learned magic together, not the spooky kind, but the ledger / performance, close up and stage illusions ;) Cards were prevalent in the film, and I wonder if he taught his co-stars a trick or two.

I still need to write about "Drag Me To Hell", by Sam Raimi, which I saw last week and also thoroughly enjoyed!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

PollyJean *KNOWS* how to rock! This song is from "To Bring You My Love" 1995 & her work w/ Steve Albini (Big B... ♫

Female vocals, intense symphonies, rocking rhythms, chasing drums, organic & electronic madness uplifting to t... ♫



I posted/ twittaged (pronounce "twit-ahh-zjay-ed") this link during the week as my time has been very limited with net activities due to work.

Here is the official LOTD (link of the day) for this.
There are more and more interactive videos being created on sites such as youtube & vimeo. showcases various clips, all featuring instruments performed in the key of .... yes, B Flat!

With this site, you simply click to play any of the videos in any order and hocus pokus - ala kazaam - vwah-lahhhhh.... instant soundscapes!!!

Please visit Create Digital Music for their great informative piece on

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If you even *think* you like Silversun Pickups or a fan of My Bloody Valentine, 4AD & Creation Records, how ca... ♫

I have really been enjoying this tune from Tori's latest offering. The album is mixed bag, however the goodies... ♫


Saturday, May 16, 2009

VOTD: Durex - "Balloon Art!"

Enjoy this c'mercial!
It's squeaky clean, fun!

I've been a fan of this song since before the album's release. My plan is to see the set 2moro eve @ The Echo.... ♫

I love this song & Martin's voice is spectacular, I was singing this all night to myself & shall sing it once ... ♫


Friday, May 15, 2009

This voice always warms comfort like a cozy jacket. The original published version was from KCRW. Did you see ... ♫

Imagine the smokey grey room, radio, film, cigarettes & the British music scene in the 30s. Al was the first "... ♫


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have always loved this tune! It materializes layers of mystique from past - present, the sounds of many eras... ♫


VOTD: Jarvis Cocker - "Angela"

For Jarvis / PULP fans, here is the video for "ANGELA" a near, reminiscent air of Costello vocals


Monday, May 11, 2009

VOTD: Karoshi Bros - Contest

OK... short contest, what is the name of the band who is sampled in the following song played in this music video by The Karoshi Bros.?

Btw, June 5th is around the corner & that means we are finally back at MEDUSA LOUNGE with our First Fridays event! We are importing the amazing Mixtress Vixen VanGoGo for this celebration, honoring Spring 2009 and welcoming the Summer!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sting - I Burn For You (1986)

This VOTD is being posted via youtube's newer "Post to a Blog" utility.

I will be back to posting regularly soon!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOTD: The Free Oprah KFC!

It has been some time since a simple link of the day. In fact, it has been a bit since I have posted altogether. The blog has been out of service since some new jobs materialized. I should be back around these parts more frequently :)

Today's link features Oprah's KFC meal coupon to obtain your very own "FREE MEAL" &


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