Friday, October 31, 2008

Missing Pooch & Halloween Asswarp

First of all, yes, it is true, Miss Pooch-A-Rilla has gone (link to photo gallery). She escaped from the house yesterday. When I say house, I do mean house. This is located in Granada Hills, not far from Northridge (yes, the epicenter of the earthquake from 15 years ago). I do still reside in Hollywood, however, the main recording studio is on the property of the house and often, Pooch has mini-vacations.

The yard is fenced securely, however... there is a small space under the side gate through which she may have wiggled her way to a quest abroad.

I was in Hollywood all day and received notification from Mark (TechItch) that she was missing. I am on my way to GHills to post flyers and contact more shelters. If you can keep my lil lady of thirteen years in your thoughts, it will be the only request I ask of 2008 Christmas (and I know it is early for the xmas list)!!!

Poochie, Come Home!!!!! ;(


Happy-ish Halloween!

What do you get when you combine Rockky Horror with Thriller and my lack of sleep?

ASSWARP was made nearly 6 years ago and includes a huge cast including Daniel Ash (Bauhaus/ Tones On Tail/ Love And Rockets), Jason Miller (Godhead), Lenora Claire, and a slew of animators all over the world!

You may view ASSWARP by clicking on the image below.

PLEASE NOTE: Allow the cartoon a moment or so to load, it will first appear that nothing is happening.... but it is loading!

I normally have two animated banners linking to the animated musical journey, however, both sites that host the images, are presently down.


Have a safe evening and be cautious of sugars!
Legion and I will see SAW V this evening as our tradition holds (maybe)
Btw, it is that we will See Saw not SEE SAW.... someone I told, actually thought Legion and I were going to spend Halloween at a playground! Albeit cute, that is NOT the plan!

See some of you Saturday at Gathering Of Ghouls. I will be spinning as will Richard, Lurch of Unextraordinary Gentlemen. I will not be eating a hundred shrimp this year as my cholesterol intake dictates!


(and think of Pooch-A-Rilla if you can)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curt Smith of Tears For Fears Acoustic set FREE tonight

If you are a lover of Tears for Fears, you will NOT want to miss this!

Curt Smith of Tears For Fears at The Cactus Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood


Curt will give his first-ever Los Angeles solo concerts in The Cactus Room at The Standard, Hollywood, where he’ll be in residence on Tuesday evenings in October.

7pm-10pm. Smith will perform two semi-acoustic sets accompanied by Charlton Pettus and Doug Petty.

Indie 103.1 radio personality Darren Revell, host of the station’s popular show "Big Sonic Heaven," will be on hand to DJ before and between Smith’s sets.

There is no admission charge to enter the Cactus Lounge, but seating is limited and reservations strongly recommended.

The Standard is located on 8300 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90069, telephone (323) 650-9090, x2921. 21 and over, please.



Monday, October 27, 2008

Imbruglia to Channing in .5 seconds!

As noted on gofugyourself, A certain Natalie Imbruglia has gone from the soft brunette to a modern day, Carol Channing!

I did enjoy the songs she sang, written by Portishead and also Sneaker Pimps.
I actually had song which was a collaborative effort with the Pimps which I shall have online with the revamped Zeitmahl web home.

Anyhow, see the pics of Natalie and Carol below ;)

Btw, Brother Daniel (accordionist, keys, etc from Red Light District) will be performing tonight and Tuesday evening at The Magic Castle in Hollywood with his wild musical sideshow, FREAKSHOW DELUXE. If you have ever wanted to see them, here is a prime opportunity!

Details to get on the special guest list to enter the Magic Castle are here


Friday, October 24, 2008

Get your Red Hot Remixes right here for FREE!

Enjoy these various remixes from recent and distant past!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Performing tonight @ House Of Blues

I should probably mention (or reiterate) that I will be on drums this evening, performing with JULIAN SHAH @ 10pm sharp!

Visit his site for more information.

House Of Blues
8430 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069


Friday, October 17, 2008

Me = Las Vegas, LOTD + Update

NOTE: The following was intended to be sent Wednesday, however due to time constraints, technical difficulties and such, it is delivered now!

Here are some links that should deliver a healthy chuckle
1. Take On Me gets a literal interpretation - This is the Link of the collection you should really watch - Link -

2. Refrigerator Tour from Mr. Chicity - This is unbelieveable. - Link -

3. A follow-up by Snizzo and HIS variety - More selections and Capri Sun - Link -

If you had not heard about this past week's fires in the "greater" Los Angeles area, you were either under a rock or too busy with whatever it is that you do. I actually know a few people that live in the valley that for some reason did not know there was a huge fire than devoured more than 10,000 acres and a few folks and pets.

The house I share with Mark (TechItch) and Jill is locaed in Granada Hills, a mile or so from where the fire raged. I do not live there anymore as I am back in my Hollywood spot, however, our recording studio is filled with gear including vintage processors, guitars, drums, etc.
- Link -

You may have read the last post about Attrition and Amtrak misplacing their bags for several hours.
Anyhow, I joined them as the drummer for one night in Hollywood, at their Bar Sinister performance.
I was feeling sick prior to going back to the venue after soundcheck and this feeling continued.
I was given some red wine to make me relax, but this did not help and soon felt quite ill. I believe the shot of whiskey and continued intake of wine which recurred even during the performance did not help. Nor did the two Tylenols. Apparently, i blacked out during two songs with my eyes shut and head down, yet had gone into some mode of auto-pilot drumming, where I did not miss a single beat. This was noted by both the band and all in the audience who noticed. I recall a song ending and thinking we were about to do this funky sorta dark drum n bass style beat to a spooky gothesque tune and we had just played it.... hmmm ;)

Recent remixes
The latest Godhead album is out now. It was released on the 7th of October and includes my remix of the single, "Soldier", included. Also forthcoming is my remix for the band, West Indian Girl. I will do a followup posting with links to releases with a future update with free downloads to over 50 songs of mine from various projects including Emit Peels, Red Light District, Zeitmahl, Lavender Hill Mob, Trikanasana, Sisters Of Mixing and more.

I have been working on the Josie Cotton album and it is sounding quite delicious! She will soon have a few snippets on her myspace page. If you think you have heard the name before, it could be the from the 80s hit, "Johnny Are You Queer?" or you saw the Nicolas Cage flick, "Valley Girl".

The album with Mark (TechItch) is coming along smoothly too. We have a few dozen songs which will be narrowed down and completed for our 2009 release which features a variety of amazing vocalists, most of whom are established from their own work. The first of these to be previewed features the fantastic voice of Sir Douglas "The Dentist" McCarthy, whose vocals and lyrics provided a huge anthem for me and many others during the later 80s and again in the 90s with his band, Nitzer Ebb.

Work has also resumed on Zeitmahl now that the final mixing for Red Light District is nearing completion. A new live band will be unveiled in the coming weeks too!

WKND Activities
This Friday evening at the Hollywood Forever cemetary, there is an odd Absinthe Tasting event.
The short details include it being paired with a Magic Lantern show and The Steve Allen Theatre.
- Link -

This Saturday brings the annual SPIKE TV, SCREAM AWARDS. Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasty TV, film, comics and more are nominated and awarded in the evening by fans. Artists; Smashing Pumpkins and Kerli will perform on stage. This takes place in Griffith Park at The Greek. - Link -

I however, will NOT be at either of these events but in Las Vegas... visiting my FATHER who is there on holiday! I am headed for Saturday and a day or so after as it is his birthday on the 19th.
If you reside in LV and we have not seen each other in ages, drop me a line DIRECTLY, it is very easy to find my email address. F D A at NG is the hint.

Best Wishes!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Attrition Final US Tour Date (LA) + Exclusive download


The Trial and Verdict US tour final US date

We arrived in Hollywood, last night after a nightmare train experience where Amtrak misplaced our luggage including all of our gear.

A stressful several hours later, a taxi turned up with our bags and the fellow had the audacity to ask for a tip.
You can guess our response.

A video recount shall appear on our site featuring Amtrak operator, Roberta, in the near future...

Meanwhile, come send us off this evening

Saturday, Oct 11th - Bar Sinister - Hollywood, CA 10pm

Sin's solo project, Imprint opens the show

We are joined this evening on stage in Hollywood, by our special guest, the multi-talented Shok from Zeitmahl and Red Light District on drums & percussion!

Download Shok's remix of our song, Dante's Kitchen, which he produced in 2003

Hope to see you there....

Martin & Sin


Monday, October 6, 2008

Performing in ATTRITION (UK) @ Bar Sinister this Saturday!

More info to follow, but if you have seen the scedule at all for the past months, you knew this was coming ;)

Hope you can make it!

No more Red Light District shows for a while, so I hope you were able to see at least one or two the past several months.

The new ZEITMAHL band will be performing soon ;)

The Attrition performance will take place 11pm the 11th of October @ Bar Sinister (Boardner's) in Hollywood.

Check in the next days for special info, exclusive FREE downloads and more ;)
If you ever wanted the DANTE's KITCHEN remix I created for the single in 2003, it will be posted!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Red Light District @ The Knitting Factory (all ages)

We have been asked to perform this Thursday @ The Knitting Factory. There will be some special songs performed during our set!

7021 Hollywood Blvd. Ste. 209, Hollywood, CA 90028
P: 323.463.0204 x131 F: 323.463.0262

Kether (9pm)
New World Revolution (10pm)
Red Light District (11pm)
& DJ Eric ILL spinning in-between, before, after….

All Ages!!!
TICKET: $7 -- $5 with the promotional flyer image shown above

Additional information, trivia and adventure on

Do you have a video camera or phone that shoots video or photos?
We are always seeking folks to record us!!!

Do you possess puppetry skills? We are seeking puppeteers, and other performers for our forthcoming Red Light District events!

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