Friday, February 26, 2010

Listening to Jonneine Zapata & watching this video for "No Big Deal" is a perfect way to unwind on a Friday ev... ♫


Thursday, February 25, 2010

SOTD: Zeitmahl & Alexandria - Better Than You

Song Of The Day: This is from a while ago, & perhaps has aged like a fine wine & not like an old tuna sammich!

Click the arrow to download or use this link:

Zeitmahl & Alexandria - Better Than You.mp3  by  fdaallday

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VOTD: Sade & her band... I want to join!

While I am certainly more than pleased with the title track on Sade's first album in a decade, "Soldier Of Love", which has been on heavy rotation with me since it was in my hands in November... I am writing today as I declare that "instead of running away with the circus, I would choose her band, Sweetback.

Watch how much fun they have... they are silly, amazing musicians, know how to have fun and they get the job done and it is well done, for sure!

Btw, if you have NOT seen the video for "Soldier Of Love", here it is in all of its dark, militaristic, near industrial triphop exquisiteness. It is more of a Massive Attack tune than nearly any of the songs on the latest Massive Attack album. Enjoy!

I had to play it again.... I love this tune! I am not sure how many years it has been since I have played a tune so often... but perhaps has the rough estimate. (well, often I am listening to music away from the computer)

Helen Folasade Adu is fantastic and I have enjoyed nearly all of the songs on the Soldier Of Love album. You may want to grab it today!

From my list of most anticipated albums of 2010, these are 10 songs to enjoy for years to follow until her next release! Let's hope it is not another decade!

Lastly, I am working with Boom Chick Boom for their comedy sketch show this evening at Theatre Asylum. 9pm, just west of Vine, on the south side of Santa Monica Blvd.

Tomorrow night is my FREE party, Absinthe & Magic Thursdays, at Kung Pao Kitty. Join me early for dinner or arrive a lil later for $3 drink specials and more!

Friday, David J. (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets) is djing at Kung Pao Kitty.

Saturday, I am djing again at Kung Pao Kitty and possibly singing and playing guitar too, want to join me?

Note: the new Red Light District single is a cover of a Sade song that we recorded a few years ago.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VOTD: Alan Wilder joins Martin Gore in Depeche Mode!!!

It is no secret that I have an affinity for the music of Martin Gore, particularly his Depeche Mode songs that were orchestrated by the handy work or Alan Wilder.

It was nearly two decades ago when they last worked together on "Songs of Faith & Devotion. Alan left the band after their extensive two year world tour. It was a sad surprise for any fan of the band and his role in the Depeche Mode music machine would be noticed in the subsequent album releases.

Last week, Alan joined Martin on stage for the first time since at their performance at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity series, which brings amazing bands to perform each year, raising money and awareness regarding children and young adults with cancer. This year performers include Them Crooked Vultures, The Specials, Noel Fielding, The Who, The Horrors & Suede.

Here is Alan Wilder & Martin Gore performing their soundcheck of "Somebody" together!

Below is a short overview of the show with succinct dialogue from both Martin & Alan.

Here is video from the performance!!!!

Bonus video: "One Caress" with strings!

via SlicingEyeBalls blog, which has a slew of footage from this performance posted

Have a great day and enjoy LOST this evening!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

VOTD: The iRRegular Show

This makes me miss Legion:

Hang tonight @KungPaoKitty for Alexa's bday. Apollo, Logan & I will rock a strip dance

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Friday, February 12, 2010

VOTD: Chris Corner and Simon Le Bon - The Chauffeur

This should start your day more effectively than a large bowl of wheaties!

2003 Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps/ IAMX) & Simon LeBon (Duran Duran)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tonight: Screamfest LA Mixer w/ Absinthe & Magic Thursdays


***Note: Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this party!!!
***I will be giving away drinks & prizes this week!
***Trivia & Film night coming soon!


In a continuation of its support of horror filmmakers, Screamfest LA's throwing a mixer this Thursday, February 11, in Hollywood, CA, at Kung Pao Kitty (6445 Hollywood Blvd. at Wilcox) starting at 7:30 pm until close. Happy hour prices will be in effect until 9:30 pm with the Kitty staff serving up some special horrific concoctions specific to the event (among them 4 dollar Brain Hemorrhages, Blood Clots, and Bloody Marys) and collecting donated apparel for victims of the Haiti quake.

Wear your Screamfest t-shirt to the mixer and receive a complimentary glass of wine.

Mixer details can be found at, and there's no cover so come down and network with fellow genre filmmakers and horror fans.


FREE event! Every Thursday! 8:30-2am (7:30 this week)
We arrive early to get food each week. Come early... maybe you will get some free food if you are lucky on us

Expect a special dose of Electro-Cabaret-Swing this week!!!
Bring your mp3 player & playlists or cds to share tunes!

Pay no cover charge. Enjoy a FREE celebration.

Absinthe selection served by LA Absinthe Club (Erika & Christian)
The Illusions of Sir William Draven
Eclectic music provided by Shok & Adrienne Dancer & YOU!!!

Chinese Food served until 10pm
Bar Menu until 2am
$3 beer & sake all night
Special $10-$12 Absinthe drinks

Check in with for extra special offers!

Kung Pao Kitty (Hollywood & Wilcox)

Tell your friends, neighbors & enemies!
*Share the event, please!*

Remixography: (FREE mp3s)

FREE CDs & other prizes!


Also, Red Light District release a single, covering Sade's "No Ordinary Love". There will be more information on


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Droid 2.1 Android this week

As you may have heard yesterday via Motorola's announcements on the web, including their FaceCraque page, they will begin rolling out the updated 2.1 Android operating system to their phones over the air.

The updates will include everything which is on the Nexus's 2.1 OS apart from the LIVE (animated) wallpaper and the new launcher, however, there are ROMS that work for Droid already to do this.

I am awaiting Flash 10.1 for the phone (check the official video for this) and more multi-touch apps. So far, there are browsers such as Dolphin, Google Maps and music apps.

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SOTD: West Indian Girl - Solar Eyes (Solarized by Shok Mix)

Today's FREE song is a remix I created for West Indian Girl. Yes, Trent Reznor is tied to the singer. Factoid: I was given the parts for the song by band member, Amy White (keys) at the local 711 parking lot.

Download the mp3

West Indian Girl - Solar Eyes (Solarized by Shok Mix)  by  fdaallday

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Massive Attack's new album has been on my highly anticipated list for albums of 2010. Horace Andy on vocals & ... ♫


Monday, February 8, 2010

Electrocize that swing, Double-Charge your Cabaret w/ Dunkelunt's Cinnamon Girl (similar to Red Light District... ♫


Free mp3: Zombie Girl - Creepy Crawler (Shok's Horror Pop Remix)

Zombie Girl - Creepy Crawler (Shok's Horror Pop Remix)

Created in 2008 after touring as their drummer, I added my bass guitar, kept vocals & few original sounds. Download

Zombie Girl - Creepy Crawler (Shok's Horror Pop Mix)  by  fdaallday

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VOTD: The Clash meets Gorillaz

I became a fan of The Clash at an early age due to having MTV at the beginning of the 80s and getting into videos for Radio Clash, Rock The Casbah and Should I Stay Or Should I Go. The combination of various genres was and still is extremely exciting to me.

Fast Fwd to nearly ten years ago. Damon Albarn of Blur, along with Tank Girl comic Book artist, Jamie Hewlett, created Gorillaz, featuring a host of collaborators. It began in 98 with a full album release in 2001. Trip Hop, Pop, Electro, hip hop, funk, rock, etc... an audio stew of sounds.

Among the albums to which I have been awaiting of 2010, is the early March release of Plastic Beach, the third album from Gorillaz. This album features a collaboration featuing both Mick Jones & Paul Simonon, 2/3 of The Clash!!!

Below is a 30 second clip of them in the studio. Enjoy!!!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

VOTD: Blame It On The Rain

The rain has ceased momentarily, but the sky is white. Heading to work at Universal in a few. Have a great day!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

VOTD: The XX - Basic Space

It has been a grey / gray & rainy day here in Hollywood. I had a good time last night @ Absinthe & Magic night at Kung Pao Kitty. Thank you to everyone! The event is certainly growing!

Keeping with the mellow Friday February rain day, here is a fine video from The XX, who created one of my favorite albums of 2009.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SOTD: Fun Lovin Criminals 1997 remix

SOTD: Here is another song to download for free. It is one of my first remix jobs and was for Fun Lovin Criminals (EMI/Capitol) 1997

Direct Download link:

Fun Lovin Criminals - The FLC (Shok Mix)  by  fdaallday

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SOTD: Zeitmahl - Spin Spin Sugar (Sneaker Pimps remake)

I am giving away songs this week. This the remake of Sneaker Pimps' Spin Spin Sugar by Zeitmahl (me) from 2003. This was created in one day.

Direct download link for mp3:

Zeitmahl - Spin Spin Sugar (Sneaker Pimps remake)  by  fdaallday

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VOTD: are you my friend? Ninja Plz

If you truly like this video... we are possibly NOT Friends.

Video Of The Day

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