Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seattle Recap & Setlist

Seattle has been enjoyable and it is good to reconnect with folks. I am looking forward to returning home in Hollywood Wednesday evening as I miss Pooch-A-Rilla, my mother as well as being very eager to getting back to work.

I received messages asking about my set at The Merc the other night, so I have listed it below.
There is news coming about more dates across the country that I will post in the next week.

Best Wishes to everyone and since I know my father is probably going to read this, thank you for being you. You are a great father and I am glad you do take the time in your way to show you care. I do appreciate it.

Fifth Column @ The Mercury, Seattle, WA, 2008 27th of January
Vincent Price - Thriller Rap
John Starlight - Shadowbreaker (Boys Noize remix)
Hostage - Gluttony (Felix Cartal Remix)
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 remix)
Trash Yourself - Song 2 (Blur Cover)
Justice - Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan's Durrr Durrr Surrrrrr Re-Edit)
Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
Solvent - Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix)
Motor - Unhuman
SebastiAn - Killing in the Name of (SebastiAn's Late Night Laptop Edit) (RITM)
Revl9n - Walking Machine (SebastiAn Remix)
NIN - My Violent Heart (Pirate Robot Midget)
The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Shok's Places East Tour edit)
Covenant - We Want Revolution
Sisters Of Mixing - New Cretia (Sisters of Mercy electrobreaks remix)
1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut (Black Sabbath cover)


Sunday, January 27, 2008

DJing @ The Mercury in Seattle tonight!

Heya folks... heading out in a few, but wanted to mention that if you are in SEATTLE, I am DJing this evening at The Mercury in Capital Hill. I will be sharing some new tunes as well as classics in the realm of electro, indie, funkdustrial, new-old wave, and some fun silly tunes for added pleasure... not dissimilar to a ribbed condom except for all!

I have CDs to giveaway of the current Timeless EnterpriZes sampler which includes the Sisters of Mixing take on The Sisters of Mercy's Lucretia in an electrobreaks format.
Hope to see you there!!!

The Mercury
1009 East Union Street
Seattle, WA 98117
21+ to be entertained


qwik recap= Seattle: Day 1

smooth flights

arrived @ SEA airport 11:37 (early as it was scheduled 11:58)

Kelly and her friend Earlene picked me up
We stopped a bank for Kelly outside of this huge Asian market called Uwajimo's
I ran to the corner and ordered a Taro boba tea (certainly the best I ever had and it was the least expensive)

Got to Kelly's
The three of us headed for Chinese where we split mooshu chicken (love that hosin sauce) and the kung pao chicken.

[it was raining like cats and frogs and dogs and water]

Returned to Kelly's
I zonked out for a few hours from approximately 4pm until just before 8pm

Headed out to see Michael and Jon's [VAST] concert at Studio Seven
Michael met us outside and we went in and Trish Murphy ran up to me and YAY!
(Hadn't seen Trish in several years)

(SIDE NOTE: This excursion to Seattle was initially intended for a few weeks from now but whilest organizing it with Kelly, I got a rare IM conversation happening with Trish who used to reside in Philadelphia, but is now living in West Virginia, who told me she was to be in Seattle this wknd to see her friends and for the VAST concert. Instantly, I was excited about the prospect of enjoying the company of all three aspects; Kelly plus Trish plus the VAST boys and seeing a concert. I contacted the band and sure enough it was a good scenario. I realized that even though it was only 7 days until it would be the 26th, the show date for VAST, the ticket price was the same as had I taken the trip a few weeks later... I wound up paying $200 after taxes, roundtrip and via paypal, directly to USAIR. I like that they added a paypal feature!!!)

Ok... so back at the concert... the girls, Michael and I headed upstairs.
After a round of drinks, Michael had to take the stage.
VAST = amazing as usual. Jon looks good, sounds good and such!!!
(SEE THEM ON TOUR... the Los Angeles date is SOON)
Kelly and I sat at a table with Trish's friends.

Eventually, we, Kelly, Trish and her mate called Richard ate at The Five Points.
Sans Kelly, we shared The Five Points sampler; onion rings, fried mac n cheese wedges, pepper bits, and such... basically FRIED CRAP with Marinara.
I had... or shall I say.. tasted the hot turkey sandwich as it was cold so I sent it back and then it sat back there til nearly everyone finished their meals.. then it came back microwaved and cold as the waitress let it sit for nearly 20 mins. Sent it back again and it returned so over microwaved (she probably forgot about it again while cooking) that it had turned into Turkey Jerky and the bread was like a catcher's mitt!
I suppose I didn't need to eat anyway and it was removed from the bill.

Trish and Richard got picked up by the rest of their friends
Kelly and I returned to her place (this is still before 2am)
Talked a bit
Kelly fell asleep
I did not feel tired, however it was less than five more minutes until I was out like a trout.

Awoke 8am
Checked in on Miss Pooch-A-Rilla via phone (she has a great phone bark/ voice)
Here we are...

Plans: SUSHI! See Michael & Jon (they have a day off), see Trish, see Thomas (of Thomas & Alison Velvet Garden) Chris Seraphim, etc.

Have a lovely Sunday!!!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Kind, Rewind - Special Screening Afterparty

I will write more and up date this later.. but for now.. take a gander.

I saw a private screening of BE KIND, REWIND last night at The Arclight Cinema. This is the upcoming release, due February by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine). This is a hilarious film that is done very well and takes Gondry's work to a new level. It was interesting to see a number of celebrities carrying out shenanigans in this farce. I am very glad I had known nothing about the film other than a few cast members and that Gondry was the director. I recommend you just see this!

Below is my first uploaded video to a site I joined at the end of 2007 called VIMEO.
Think of Vimeo as the hi-definition youtube with a much better interface, higher resolution, streamlined tools, widgets and general website as well has having quality content.

2008 01 23 - Be Kind, Rewind - Special Screening Afterparty from Shok on Vimeo.

A shorter version of this video co-exists on youtube, however, even director accounts can no longer upload anything over 10 minutes in length.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LOTD: Coachella - Official News

Today's Link Of The Day comes direct from the horse's mouth.

Coachella - Official News

From Roger Waters (performing Dark Side Of The Moon) to 120 Days to Portishead, Love And Rockets, The Verve Kraftwerk, Cut Copy, Gogol Bordello, Spiritualized, Hot Chip and pretty much everyone else who has a buzz happening, especially the electro makers from Erol Alkin to Boys Noize, Surkin, Deadmau5 Midnight Juggernaughts and Justice.

I skipped last year, but you can bet the tail on any rat (if it has one) that I will be heading there this year!  The secret word is that I may be rocking an electro set at a certain afterparty this year ;)

You won't want to miss the fun this year!

That being said... some choics are a bit odd... first of all, quite a few repeat bands/ djs are performing.  Adam Freeland is a friend and also someone whose music tastes I admire so I am glad to his return, but let's move on to artists such as The Breeders.... They were fun... that was also a while ago and maybe I never really got the big thing about them.  I was and still am a big soldier of the 4AD record label and nearly everything that was released... The Breeders were just never a band I loved.

If you plan to go.... drop me a message and perhaps we can offer you a space as we may rent a very large house!


Friday, January 18, 2008

VOTD: Mr. T Fashion Show: 80s, Scary

Today's video of the day is scarier than the last several horror films I have viewed.

Who-da-thunk "Mr. T" + "Fashion" was a strong marriage?

You know this has been sitting in someone's vault in the hills of LA for the last few decades. I suppose they finally figured, they had put up the money for production during the years of Dynasty, Facts of Life, Reagan and Sugar Smacks and Sugar Crisp (yes, no honey or golden) and by golly, someone should see the hard work and cunning scriptwriting.



FREE MP3 - Sisters Of Mixing - New Cretia [limited]

several folks requested it, so here you go!!!

Sisters of Mercy meets electro breaks!

This song is being played all over the world right now!



If the link runs out of downloads... send a message for an alternative link ;)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tonight Live VideoCast 8pm

Tonight will be a live broadcast from Timeless EnterpriZes central in the Emerge Recording laboratory located in Hollywood, California.

You will be able to hear new songs from the forthcoming album and interact live and even join in the webcam chat. Live acoustic performances from Juliette & Shok, rants from Legion, comedy from Jon Monastero of TenWest and more!! You won't want to miss his rendition of Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt as depicted by toy dolls :)

Other previews will include new material from Red Light District, TechItch & Shok, Emit Peels, Sisters Of Mixing and even new Lavender Hill Mob as well.

See you tonight online!

8pm pst http://www.stickam.com/profile/fdaallday click the video to join the chat


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

webcast show

I am going to be presenting material and performing and joking and such on Wednesday evening approximately 8pm on stickam.com.

All info will be posted on www.te-er.com

This will be a live broadcast from Timeless EnterpriZes central in the Emerge Recording laboratory.

You will be able to hear new songs from the forthcoming album and interact live and even join in the webcam chat. Live acoustic performances too from Juliette, me and a cool rendition of HURT as depicted by toy dolls by Jon Monastero of TenWest!

Legion will also be inda house!

Other previews will include new material from Red Light District, TechItch & Shok, Emit Peels, Sisters Of Mixing and even new Lavender Hill Mob as well.

See you Wednesday night online!


Saturday, January 12, 2008


The blog will have info soon.

This will be a live broadcast from Timeless EnterpriZes central in the Emerge Recording laboratory.

You will be able to hear new songs from the forthcoming album and interact live and even join in the webcam chat.  Live acoustic performances too!

Other previews will include new material from Red Light District, TechItch & Shok, Emit Peels, Sisters Of Mixing and even new Lavender Hill Mob as well.

See you Wednesday night online!


VOTD: Love will sometimes not tear u2 apart

VOTD = Video Of The Day

While I loved U2 up and through The Joshua Tree era, I have to say that South Park shares my opinion regarding Bono apart from his cameo in Across The Universe.

Here is U2 and Arcade Fire having a go at Joy Division.
Please note, I use the term go quite loosely and this Go should have been a STOP!


Friday, January 11, 2008

some details and other related ramblings

It is currently 4am in Hollywood as I type this. I type best without looking at the screen or my fingers.... I only just recently learned that I type best with my eyes closed, feeling for the keys and can do this rather quickly.

I only just started this blog, however, since the early 90s, have been keeping a written journal, counting of the minutes from various newsgroups to mailing lists and various websites. I helped launch the success of Newgrounds and the postings about my adventures for years along with being early on the livejournal tip to then launching my own site which was a pre-friendster, etc. social site. Thankfully, the ways of xml / feeds / syndication circles have opened and allow, with the click of one button, to send the same text i once would have to copy and paste over and over, to be sent simultaneously to more sites than are fingers on my hands and toes on my feet where many people may read about either a new link I would like to share or the specifics of an adventure, the mishappenings of a party, the photos from last night which no one who was there wants to remember but those who were can laugh, the recollections of moments of the past, the thoughts stirred by a film, emotions extrapolated from favourite music of the moment, the pics and menus of food eaten and often video of inner thoughts, friends, family, oddities in nature and perhaps a shot of my dog.

This place is a glimpse of who I am... maybe you can assist me to discover who as well ;)

I am currently 35 years of age which either sounds young to me or far too old since I am still full of zeal and think along the lines I did in my late teens. I started my life as a writer, actor but along the way wound up in a music career which is quite challenging and often not rewarding apart from the rewards it brings to you when you feel the accomplishment of completing a song, performing for people or when someone tells you how much they appreciate either your words, your musical structure or the production.

I began with a Steinway Grand in the English Tutor home in which I was raised. I was never too amazing, however i did write songs from my hours of playing. I learned a small amount of guitar but it was with the drums that I began my journey. This was in 4th Grade and we had to either choose an instrument or join choir. My voice was horrid and I really was interested in the drums. My teacher was Elaine Watts, a Jewish/ Italian woman, who at the time was probably in her mid to late 50s. She played jazz a few nights a week as well as teaching at the school. She remains as one of my top heroes of all time. It was only last year that I finally heard about her after nearly 20 years. But that story is for another time or you can refer to one of my other journaling/blog sites if you care.

See? The rambling begins....

I will cut to the chase....
My father bought me a drum set (Pearl Export, smokey chrome), which I still have and has been on major tours with me, and this finally was relocated to my mother's when she had a studio built for me in my basement. It was in this basement that I discovered the art of recording!!!
I was 15 when it began to come together and experimenting from 16 up with what could occur in the studio. I eventually got into drum machine programming etc, ... ok long winded once more.

I wound up befriending Moby who heard some random song of mine at his place one time when I was playing it for him on "Cassette", I then realized some silly spoof song of mine had marketing potential and quite shortly put, this song was signed to a subsidiary of Sony and it earned the money needed for me to launch my own label in the early 90s with distributors in USA, Canada, and all over European Countries. Even thought I was more into Alternative music and the sorta darker post punk and industrial funk, my music got quite big with the RAVE scenes and I wound up performing all over the place and even wound up back on the stage with Moby and other friends from that time period who were making it. I could not appreciate the fact that my music was being played in clubs and college radio since it was my first time out and everything I was releasing was selling or being played with great response.

Somehow this slowed down due to becoming more "perfectionistic" and going through some hard times in terms of health. I have not really released anything now in years, however I produce bands, do remixes (currently working on Isaac Hayes/ Burt Bacharach, Traci Lords, West Indian Girl, Juno Reactor, etc.) as well as having toured, written and recorded or along these lines with artists whose music influenced my involvement in music such as Daniel Ash and David J. of Bauhaus/ Love And Rockets, Al Jourgenson of Ministry, Marston, Frank and Charles Levi of Thrill Kill Kult, etc.

Part of my time currently is working for other people to make their artistic vision a reality or even providing the soundtrack for someone's film while the other time, I am at Universal Studios in corporate world. This does provide decent health benefits and the ability to only take on musical projects I enjoy.

Speaking of enjoy..... I love gathering friends for meals and sharing good discussion, going to the movies, go on odd adventures, experiencing anything NEW..... almost anything. I love to learn.

Yawn.... I rarely sleep and recall being 6 years old wondering if that would change by the time I was 10 or 16..... apparently not ;)

I am currently listening to SPLINTER (the instrumentals) by Sneaker Pimps. You may or may not remember the candypop song SIX UNDERGROUND with the female singer, Kelli Dayton, but this was the second album in 1999 with Chris Corner stepping in from half of the songwriting team to take the vocal driving wheel. This album combined elements of acoustic and electric guitars, simple yet big bass guitar rhythms and acoustic drum grooves atop subtle Beatles-esque ambiences and string paddings of cello and more. Think Pink Floyd meets current Radiohead with SGT. Pepper joining for supper.

Now is the time I part as I need to be up early as I have to be in Beverly Hills for a meeting and then over to the former offices of Windswept/ Neophonic and then to visit my mother, who is currently in the hospital. Then I have about 6 hours of studio time with Red Light District.

Sleep well or Good morning or afternoon and even evening no matter whee you are.

Ciao bellos!



Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Red Five standing by."

Please take a seat and fasten your seatbelts... this may be a bumpy ride due to left side/ right side brain turbulence and thyroid condition.

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