Monday, April 28, 2008

The FREE mp3 is back & Tour dates [aliensexfiend - specimen]

On the profile, you should not be able to miss the large green arrow to download "New Cretia", the tribute to Eldritch, electro-ized.

If you would like to get the new Traci Lords single that I produced, drop me a note and I will ascertain you have it! I am currently producing an album for Josie Cotton and the collaborative album with Tech Itch, and as these come to fruition, I will be making some mixes available to folks in press as well as DJs and blogsites.

Heading east coast from Hollywood, out to Philadelphia, NYC, Albany and more right now and then all over USA.

Here are the dates that are handy:

1st leg: May - warm up
6th - ?
7th - Phila - Shampoo/ Nocturne/ Velvet Lounge/ White Room
9th - ?
10th - Albany - Original Sin
[seeking additional dates, send a note! looking for a Boston gig]

2nd leg: June - on tour with Alien Sex Fiend and Specimen
[I am doing sound for Specimen and available for DJing afterparties on these dates and more - please note, I tend to play a blend of electro-dark-indierock]

9th Revolution Ft. - Lauderdale
11th The Masquerade - Atlanta
14th Irving Plaza - NYC
18th Park West - Chicago
19th St. Andrews Hall - Detroit
21st Warehouse Live - Houston
23rd Gothic Theatre - Denver
27th Henry Fonda - Hollywood
29th The Regency - San Francisco


Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am acting this evening @ Sacred Fools (Los Angeles)

Before getting tangled in a musical web, I was heavily involved in theatre.
Tonight, I take a quick trip in that general direction.

This starts 11pm

Serial Killers


Friday, April 25, 2008

DJing east coast - Philadelphia, Manhatttttt, Albany and more

I will be heading east next wknd for a wedding and then a series of dates on the east coast.

I will be posting more information soon.

Along with my gigs, I will be handing out promos of the latest Timeless sampler which includes Sisters Of Mixing, Red Light District, Zeitmahl and more.

If you are a promoter, dj, enthusiast or just have a connection, drop me a note to have a set at your closest spot.


These are the warm up sets for a national tour that begins soon.
If the next few weeks do not work, contact me for June and July dates.

Thank you!


Monday, April 21, 2008

LOTD: video: How To Create A Baby Headed Dancing Frog & news

I have had many important video and link posts but concurrently, I have been working so much that I have not had much time to post.... one of the NON-important posts to further distract you from the worldly violence, gas prices, crimes of government, food poisoning and bad humour (yes... spelled that way) is a link I have sat on for a week's time.


There are quite a number of entertaining and sometimes even educational and useful videos on
The one I have chosen would certainly fall under the mildly entertaining category or even perhaps the "I am on the web on my phone and on the toilet and there are no magazines present at in this stall located in the Berlin Subway system this evening".


btw, a few more notes for you

Tuesday evening, the 22nd @ The Saddle Ranch @ Universal City Walk, I will be performing with a bunch of fun folks for LUV JAM 5. This is a free event where people from Universal Studios attempt to cover songs you may or may not know. It is always a fun time! info:

East Coast, yo!
While Botanica is no longer doing a US tour due to some issues on the end of Firewater's booking, I will still be DJing and possibly doing an acoustic guitar gig in Philadelphia, NYC and a few other spots on the east coast from May 2nd through the 14th.

Specimen tour.
I will be on the road and touring... but not with Botanica and not on the drums but being the scientist at the main helms, engineering the sound for SPECIMEN on the upcoming ALIEN SEX FIEND tour.
I will have dates posted and if you would like to book me to spin music for any afterparties or gigs along the way... I am ready for you!

TechItchShok tunes
Mark Caro and I have been working insanely long hours on our forthcoming album which features vocals from an extensive list of artists.... the next few tunes, including our song featuring Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) will be online in edited form on

Traci Lords, Pink Skull, Isaac Hayes & Burt Bacharach, Turboweekend, West Indian Girl, Sisters Of Mixing (Sisters of Mercy UnOfficial), MonoStery and Mood Organ are just several of the artists I have remixed recently and the esnips music player found on will have a playlist of all of these soon in addition to the dozen or so that are currently on there. If you are an artist or label seeking remixes, drop me a note and we can discuss.

That is all for now!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Skynet @ Respect Thursday evening in Hollywood (drum n bass)

Passing this along to all interested parties. (I have nothing to do with this event other than I may attend tomorrow evening as he is staying out our house and I was into his blend of industrialized future sounding matrix-esque drum n bass he created with Sean Stakka.

What film?

here is the information

SKYNET [Nvision, Discrete, Skynet Recordings]
http://myspace. com/skynet


NOFACE [Junglist Platoon, Respect]
http://myspace. com/djnoface

DJ MEANSTREAK [Audio Science Recordings]
http://myspace. com/djmeanstreak

-Hosted By-
MC XYZ [Respect]
http://myspace. com/mcxyz



RESPECT :Drum and Bass
6202 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA.
21+ | Cover: $5 b4 11pm - $10 After | Doors: 10pm-2am
2 Full Bars +Outdoor Smoking Lounge w/ Guest DJs
INFOLINES: 310.281.9595/323.969.

http://respectdrumandbass. com

http://myspace. com/respectclub

http://www. jimmysloungela. com


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LOTD: video of the day, week, month and possibly year

A video which I have been enjoying recently.... over and over is from the Australian group, GOTYE and the song, "Heart's A Mess".

Combine Pink Floyd's characters of THE WALL, Tim Burton's collection of googly ghouls gadets and grub in a blender with the folks in The Yellow Submarine from the Beatles turned dark in a fantasy world.

Stunning, Breathtaking, addictive, calming set in a cold but warm and placid distant world of adventure is what I can tell you and I hope you are delighted as much as I am.

HINT: click and play it FULL SCREEN!!!

link to the video


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You've All Been Punk'd & lotd

Mhhhmm..... moving to Canada?

I suppose most of you did not know I sorta moved out of Hollywood recently and up to a lovely home in Grananda Hills.
Miss Pooch-A-Rilla spends more time there than I do currently... she loves the big front and back yards!
We both reside with Mark Caro aka TechItch and Jillian as well as her two kitties. Expect to hear and see more on the Pooch & Paris animated series. Think Thelma and Louise but with a cat-like dog and dog-like cat!

To make up for the April Fool's Gag that even had my dad fooled, I have included some extra juicy tidbits from my recent archives.

Stone Hinged

This retired construction worker may have cracked the stone's old mystery of how Stone Henge was erected (yes, Legion... I did say "erected")


Scott Ian (Anthrax) blogs about Battle Star Galactica

Not only is he still rockin it, Scott is bloggin it!

Get the RSS feed here
Visit the blog on the BSG site here:


Elvis Costello and Elton John's TV show!

This is no April Fools joke...
Expect to see this airing autumn 2008 on the Sundance channel in the states.

"I'm not interested in extracting some dark secret,"
"I'd rather hear about a bright secret, a deep love or a curiosity that might be otherwise obscured by fame. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk in complete thoughts about music, movies, art or even vaudeville, then frame it with unique and illustrative performances."

Elton John refers to Costello as "the foremost expert on popular music." and continues, "I thought it would be sensational to use his knowledge and intelligence to explore the artistry of musicians and other fascinating people involved in making great music, as well as true music aficionados."

Read more

Edward Norton as THE HULK!!!

While Ang Lee takes off for this version of the adventure while Louis Leterrier steps in and fill the director's seat.
Leterrier is known for the Transporter film series and Danny The Dog (which features an amazing soundtrack by 3D aka Massive Attack)

This is a decent cast!!!
Edward Norton ... Bruce Banner
Liv Tyler ... Betty Ross
Tim Roth ... Emil Blonsky
William Hurt ... Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Robert Downey Jr. ... Tony Stark

Opening the 13th Of June 2008
Official Site:
Watch Trailer


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moving North

Looks like I am taking this job...  it is a good thing..

the only downside is that it is in Vancouver, BC Canada

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