Monday, August 31, 2009

ART & MUSIC: Mew to open MEWseum in LA

If you are into MEW, or ART or you like celery, you may enjoy this.
It is FREE!!!

Mew will perform tonight and premiere a video trilogy for their first three singles directed by Martin De Thurah as well as “Repeaterbeater” and “Beach” to promote the release of their new album, "No More Stories".

Mewseum Hours:
4pm - 10pm with Mew's special treats from 7pm - 10pm
Zune L.A. 8275 Beverly Blvd

MEW has been on the final Nine Inch Nails tour dates.
Did you see them?

More information

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

This tune brings me back a few years & can send you into a good groove. Grab your dogs, cats and other pets as... ♫


Friday, August 28, 2009

This song by Morphine can be played over & over & over. It ages like a fine wine to my soul. A perfect song fo... ♫


VOTD: 1 singing bear, 1 not, 1 gypsy at the gas station

On the way to Santa Barbara to see Depeche Mode for the fourth time on their 2009 tour, we stopped at a gas station in Ventura and were serenaded by the bear essentials.

This is a segment from an upcoming mini-film I am editing, which documents the road trip from Hollywood to Santa Barbara!

Free MP3 downloads
= Red Light District - Smoke
= Covenant - We Want Revolution (Shok's ReRevelation)
= Codec & Flexor - Time Has Changed (David J & Shok nuradiolectro mix)
= West Indian Girl - Solar Eyes (Solarized by Shok Mix)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everybody WangChung tonight? Everybody Kung Pao Kitty tonight!

Stop by for drinks, food, conversation or to shake ya groove thang!
I will be at Kung Pao Kitty, spinning music from 10-2 this evening.
There is no cover to get attend (We Like FREE) and is located on the corner of Wilcox and Hollywood.

If you were not aware...
Next Friday, the 4th of September is the FIRST Friday of the Month. Darren Revell & I will be throwing another party for you and all of your friends at CINESPACE. Be certain to RSVP for FREE / discounted admission. Besides our blending of various genres of music and giveaways, there is a room in front with stand-up comedy and another room with bands. September 4th. Save the date! RSVP here:

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Barry White has something to tell you! "Your Sweetness Is My Weakness" & I am glad to be working from home tod... ♫

You will have a new dance party in Hollywood starting Friday the 4th of Sept @ Cinespace. RevellShok Fridays! ... ♫

In a few short hours, I will audition for the role of Frank N Furter for Halloween Theatre. My first audition ... ♫


Monday, August 17, 2009

VOTD: Friendly Fires - Kiss Of Life

Good morning!

Friendly Fires are back with their KISS OF LIFE.
Tribal drums atop a synth pop rock anthem! I enjoy the retro vibe!

Expect the 31st of August Release to see some progress for the band!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

2am. Time to sleep. I take my exit into the night with pillows & leave you with "Sleep" by Garbage, their Cure... ♫


Friday, August 14, 2009

The Return of Pee Wee Herman, Live @ Henry Fonda

He is suiting up again this November to say "I am the luckiest boy in the world.... I 'm even luckier... than you!" "I know you are, but what am I"

From Groundlings comedy to Cheech & Chong films (the burger guy) to his initial, more "adult" comedy special on HBO to landing a long standing television series and films, Paul Reubens stretched Pee-Wee Herman to the maximum potential!

I am looking forward to catching one of the handfuls of performances this November.

Also, there is a Pee-Wee's Playhouse film slated for 2011. Chairy is being performed by Matt Damon ;)

That is a joke.

I am wondering how many folks got their Pee-Wee Herman tickets on August 11th. For these 17 shows at The Henry Fonda Theatre. I am going!

Current Music: Brendan Perry - The Captive Heart

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Matt Johnson & Neneh "Buffalo Stance" Cherry hop the slow train to dawn in this video! (Classic Video) ♫

This is a lil ditty I did & works well for today. If you want the mp3, I ... ♫


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Link Of The Day: Left-Handers Day

I am ambidextrous but, for all of the Left-handed folks, today is your day!
There are helpful articles, tips, facts and a store on the site.
Side note: My mother is a "lefty".
Are you a left? Have you had any odd experiences?

Below are some of the areas where Left-Handers may have difficulty.
Crossing other peoples paths/position on pavement
Taking neighbours drink/bread roll at dining table
Direction of work, decorating/painting rooms
Being helped to put on a jacket
Receiving change
Putting children's socks and shoes on
Using your left-hand as a point of reference when giving directions
Feeling more comfortable sitting on the left hand side of things
Putting belts on upside down
Visualise things the opposite way around
Trouble opening/locking locks
Work stations flow the opposite way around
Organising files "back to front"

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Video Of The Day: Realtime Sand Art Designs

This is a remarkable video by Kseniya Simonovathat will hopefully soothe you in the evening.
The link comes from DravenReborn last evening.

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Shake hands with @kittybrown tonight @ Kung Pao Kitty for the Love And Rockets tribute party. FREE (Wilcox & H... ♫


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is good music for times when you cut the nails on your dog & cat. It works wonders! Enjoy! #FB ♫

I was hoping to share Michael Hutchence's version of Iggy Pop's "Passenger" however, did not have this... ♫


Link Of The Day: Pistol-Camera

This link arrives from the pathway of Sarah Lane.

The next time you hear a film maker announce they will begin shooting in fifteen minutes it might look like some heat is about to occur!

Speaking of a Barrel of a Gun... There is a killer up front and center Terrace Seat available for Depeche Mode at The Hollywood Bowl, this Sunday, the 16th and being sold for FACE VALUE. Drop me a line for details!

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VOTD: Annie Lennox all over the place

This is what happens when San Francisco mashup artist, DJ EARWORM, blends hits of Annie Lennox's solo career.

He writes,
"I’ve always held a deep respect for Annie Lennox and her music, so when she gave me her multi-track masters to mash up, I was thrilled," he writes on his blog. "The task was to tie together all of her solo career into single song and video, and I could deconstruct it as much as I wanted! Woohoo!"

Songs included:
"Walking on Broken Glass"
"Little Bird"
"No More I Love You's"
"Waiting in Vain"
"Something So Right"
"Dark Road"
"Shining Light"

I will be spinning music Thursday at Kung Pao Kitty.
FREE Admission, Great Food & Drinks!

The Noisy Donut Shop
w Christopher The Minister & Shok

Thursday, August 13th
"New Tales To Tell" A Tribute To Love And Rockets
CD Release Party
FREE CD Give-Aways of "New Tales To Tell"
Featuring New Music From
*Blaqk Audio
*Puscifer MJ Keenan
*The Dandy Warhols
*War Tapes
*The Flaming Lips
and more

Plus FREE Give Aways of the very LTD addition
"Goth Milk" T-Shirts from The Noisy Donut Shop

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Here's to hoping Dave Gahan will recover in time for this wknd's Hollywood Bowl Depeche Mode concerts! The Lin... ♫


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can you go wrong when The Cure's "Lullaby" is covered by Editors? Also Thursday, I will be DJing @ Kung Pao Ki... ♫


Monday, August 10, 2009

VOTD: Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone

I was a HUGE HUGE fan and supporter of Natasha Khan's first BAT FOR LASHES album, "Fur & Gold".

Since the release of the follow-up album, "Two Suns", last year, I have not really been a big fan of the direction... or lack. I do, like this song, "Sleep Alone" and the video too, however, it is very similar to a mix of songs from "Fur & Gold", especially the vibe of "Trophy", which I have posted below.

Enjoy and sleep well... I shall report about my day tomorrow and broadcast news about my DJ gig this Thursday at Kung Pao Kitty. Good night!

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My favourite cover of a Velvet Underground song. Martin L. Gore's voice, guitar & ambience fill a world of col... ♫


Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Moderat tune opens the latest RevellShok CD mix. Click for VIDEO. This is the VOTD for Monday. Also $2 Su... ♫

Next Sunday, I will see Depeche Mode. I could not find SURRENDER nor MERCY, but JEZEBEL is another fine tune t... ♫


Friday, August 7, 2009

Newgrounds Documentary & Comedy Central

This weekend will be an interesting experience. For a while I have been behind the scenes, however, today and tomorrow I will be filmed for two different pieces.

Today I am being filmed for a documentary on and tomorrow I am being filmed with Juliette Angeli (Red Light District) as we travel with a known comedian for a pilot for Comedy Central.

Besides preparations for tonight's final RevellShok FIRST FRIDAYS @ Medusa Lounge event, the camera and folks operating it will be pointing at me for the documentary, Everything By Everyone, focusing on the history of

Do you have memories of this website, which paved the way for other portal sites to follow such as youtube? Do you recall the FDA stickers in your city? The music videos? Telebubbies? Lavender Hill Mob? The first Portal entries? Pico?

If you have any memories, thoughts or comments regarding Newgrounds and FDA, please share and I will hopefully get to review and incoporate your thoughts while I am interviewed.

dassa me in the white n brown... This is from the FDA live performance at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, Summer 2000 at the wild Fda/Newgrounds party. Shortly after the pimpified began, the energy of the audience and ours grew to wild heights and a candy-flinging battle began with much hilarity!

Related links
Lavender Hill Mob
Everything By Everyone - directed by Nathan Kuruna

If you have any notions of attending a fantastic party in Los Angeles, you may want to join us... FREE entry before 10pm with RSVP
There will a special tribute in the evening to John Hughes for not only creating some amazingly memorable films with timeless characters, forging lingo upon the students of the 80s and bringing up the bratpack but for bringing underground music to the forefront and helping pound the culture into a staple that has recurred since. I thank you, The Clash thanks you, Thompson Twins thank you and Wham U.K. thanks you too! R.I.P. John Hughes!

Current Music: Lavender Hill Mob - Untitled Winter 2

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

PHONES: Google Voice & I love Lost & Not Found (I have phones)

Phone related stories of the day!

I am the proud owner of
Google Voice!

Google Voice is another FREE Google service which gives you a phone number that can
- rings all your phones,
- ring particular phones based on who is calling
- stores voicemail online and even transcribes voicemail to text.
- listen to voicemail messages while they are being recorded
- make low cost international calls.
- mark unwanted callers as SPAM
- FREE txt msgs & more

If you feel like you should have my number to catch up, exchange jokes, arrange a time to meet for FOOD, contacting me for any questions, concerns and or discussion items (shout out to FCS inda house)... drop me a note.

Additionally, there was a LOST & NOT FOUD type of sale today at Universal Studios. Items consisted of hats, sunglasses, cameras, phones and more!

I scored a cheap backup unlocked Nokia camera phone for $10 and a KILLER Nokia N95 8GB smart phone for $75 which is priced as $540 NEW!!!

This phone has an awesome 5 megapixel photo and video camera with killer mp3 player... even if I never get a new service... I will finally have a camera again and a new way to listen to music on my two-wheeled scooter "lawnmower transit device".

There is a similar sale tomorrow, however I will be working elsewhere.

Are you coming to the party tomorrow? I hope so...
FREE Admission til 10pm via RSVP. (
The venue is under new management, so it looks like this is our final party.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This song is from the past and it was a good past. Locust had so many styles and painted a perfect picture eac... ♫


VOTD: Mayer Hawthorne just aint gonna work out

This is a sweet video for a Wednesday morning :)
Mayer Hawthorne's "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"

What are your thoughts?

Also... I hope to see you Friday for our final party at Medusa Lounge
RSVP here to enter for FREE before 10pm:

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Mondays made amazing music. Check the Video! Can you name the song that influenced this? Win concert tix... ♫


Sunday, August 2, 2009

VOTD: V Returns - Robert Englund's past resurfaces again

I have had this sitting for a week and during my lunch break, I have decided to spend a few moments here on

We all recall Robert Englund's horrifying yet campy role as Freddy in the series of A Nightmare On Elm Street films.
Bad News Bears teen actor turned Watchmen hero and sex offender in Little Children, Jackie Earle Haley, as most of us know by now, fills the shoes, striped shirt, hat and claws this time around... Also resurfacing from Robert Englund's past is V.

I occasionally enjoyed the show, I had the large action figure, etc. Now we have a new version coming to television/ HULU and this will be joining the onslaught of visitor/ alien films such as District 9.

Below is the trailer for the new V series pilot. You may recognize Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Dr. Juliet Burke on LOST

More on V:

Additional reading for upcoming films:

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