Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday, I was supposed to go to a free screening at Paramount including free food from Food Trucks. Well, they hit capacity. A bit later, I was walking by Arclight and decided to see what films were playing. Before getting inside, I saw a line outside for a preview screening of Elysium! I went inside and told the Sony folks, "Just so you know, if you need seats filled, I am here to help". They said great and within a few minutes, a ticket for the film was fulfilled! Inside, a quick rendezvous with OhGr and Bill Moseley. On to the film. 

Set in 2154, this Neill Blomkamp film (District 9 creator) focuses on the inequalities of society with the wealthy living on Elysium, a Utopian space station and the decaying planet Earth. Language, business and music are used to reflect the differences as well as the color of the film. Damon portrays MAX, who needs to get to Elysium. I do not like to give away much so I will say he does a decent job. Jodie Foster is a dark political character and Sharlto Copley, who played Wikus in District 9, returns as Kruger, a bounty hunter.

The sound, music, effects, props and cinematography are excellent. I enjoyed the film for what it is. I recommend seeing on the big screen. It certainly was fantastic for FREE and a surprise  I had planned on seeing it. Enjoy!

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