Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

Yesterday afternoon, I learned the news of Robin Williams passing.
It is a huge loss for his family, friends and all who have enjoyed his work over the years. I found out just after taking my mother to see Magic In The Moonlight, a film based around a magician who has lost the magic of life, unable to feel love. Depression has had a role in my life for many years. Sometimes it has even been a lead...
ing role. While I have never been involved in drugs, I can relate to self-medicating and the thoughts of escaping pain, both mentally and physically.

Robin Williams made my life a happier place. I have often focused on making others laugh and entertaining them to bring joy to the forefront and allowing those to focus on happiness. Life can become lonely. We all can feel alone, of course.

It's easy when working a ^&$* hour a week job and not seeing friends and or family often to feel distant and unable to relate.

Well..... I could continue.. but it's warm here and I need to focus on moving forward.
I am very saddened by the loss of a wonderfully talented person who knew how to both make the world smile as well as think. He played so many doctors and teachers in serious rolls as well; Dr. Sax "Sayer" (Awakenings), Mr. Keating (Dead Poet's Society) or even Patch Adams.

Maybe he is somewhere out there but in a beautiful place depicted in the film, "What Dreams May Come". I hope you all have a good day or night. If you ever need to speak, please contact me. It's so easy to get into the dark loop. Best Wishes!

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