Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IAMX - The Unified Field

I listened to IAMX's new album, The Unified Field, this morning while taking care of email and other non-musical tasks.

There is certainly more creativity on this than the latest effort from Depeche Mode. There are, however, quite a few songs that sound like re-hashings of previous material, but overall, I like the direction and inclusion of more organic sounds, however, the mix is quite subdued, and there is nothing overly biting that would draw out the inner dance lover.

Having been a backer on this album, I am glad Chris has become fully independent as an artist and wish him the best. His time in Los Angeles last year certainly influenced his writing but I will let you pick up why I say this upon your own listen. There are some colorful tunes on here and it is a fine "listen at home or on the go" album of twelve songs, surely to add to any IAMX fan's collection.

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