Saturday, May 28, 2011

2sec review: The American Astronaut

Last night, a bunch of friends came over for what has become the tradition of movie night (Film Fridays, Sunday Sushi). We watched The American Astronaut.
What I had seen previously and had shared with friends via MyLiveTube, FB, Twit, etc. was the Hey Boy Hey Boy scene. This was certainly funny and within the first several minutes. The writer, director, main actor also wrote and performed the music... this was fun! The movie was very slow and had all nine of us going, "WTFunk is happening?". The lo-fi effects were certainly amusing. Check the link to see the Hey Boy Hey Boy scene and perhaps just youtube other musical bits.

If you will be in Hollywood this summer.... be on the look out for a recurring movie night outdoors that Pembrooke Andrews and I plan to hold for everyone :)

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