Sunday, December 19, 2010

Traveling Carnival Freakshow (Dance, Play, Burlesque, Cabaret) - Tonight

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Traveling Carnival Freakshow
Sunday, December 19 · 8:00pm - 9:30pm
The Eclectic Company Theatre
5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd
North Hollywood, CA
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A Holiday Freakshow Nutcracker Delight!

Set on Christmas Eve in a Dust Bowl town, a traveling carnival freakshow has rolled into town bringing with it a dark, magical force. A young drifter falls for a carnival freak, a female who is part woman, part puppet and part machine, but emotionally all too human. She is in thrall to the carnival’s owner, an evil woman with sorcerous powers. Will the young man be able to rescue her?

Recom...mended 18 and up.

Special Guests:
*Akira Inaction on Friday, Dec. 10
* Holly Rock-It on Friday, December 17
* Scarlett Letter on Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19
* La Petite Guignole on Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19

December 3 - 19
Friday and Saturday at 9pm, Sunday at 8pm

Featuring the talents of Questa Gleason, Danielle Cintron, Mason Hallberg, Jeff Newman, Sahar Yousefi, Erin Treanor and Beth Ricketson

Choreographer: Mason Hallberg
Assistant Choreographer: Danielle Cintron
Story by Questa Gleason and Chelsea Sutton
Directed by Chelsea Sutton
Costume Design by Lori Meeker
Set Design by Lucila Caro
Sound Design by Jeff Folschinsky
Lighting Design/Consultant Rebecca Bonebrake
Stage Manager Amanda Peterson

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